Feb 11, 2009

Hog in a Quilt. (kolaches, TEXAS size!)

Mmmm, doesn't this look good?

I'm sure that at some point in your life you have eaten a "pig in a blanket".
Here in Texas we eat tons of Kolaches, usually at breakfast time,

Its a soft roll-like bread baked around a sausage, maybe some cheese, jalapeno, Ham & Cheese, you name it!

We eat more kolaches for breakfast than we do donuts!

I often cheat and make dozens of kolaches using refrigerated crescent dough, wrapped around some "Little Smokies" sausages w/ half of a slice of cheese.
They bake up flaky, golden brown, cheesy, and disappear off of the baking sheet before I have a chance to set it on the counter!

Well, we all know by now that I can never leave a good thing alone.
I have to find a way to make it better!
Thats how "Hogs in a Quilt" was developed tonight.

In Texas we like things big.
The Men-folk round this farm can eat through 3 dozen normal-sized kolaches in mere minutes.

I had to find a way to make em last longer!

I cheated and used the same good old crescent roll dough from the store.
I filled it with our favorite green onion ring smoked sausage from our home-grown pork.
Tossed in some cheese,
a few got jalapenos,
some got BBQ sauce.
I rolled em up and baked them.

WOW did they turn out great!!
They were big enough to be a whole meal that you can hold in your hand!

These will definitely be made again to send out to the men-folk on those early mornings when they go out to work fences before dawn!
You don't have to be a great cook!
You can cheat and use some store bought ingredients.
Just take something your family already loves, and change it up to suit your needs!

Take a chance in the kitchen!
You'll be glad ya did!

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Bethany said...

I could definitely use one of these about now! Along with an IV of espresso.

Or I could go back to bed. *yawn*

- your spoiled rotten, "city girl", little sister

Trudy said...

When I was a little girl, my czech mom and I would make kolaches. Ours were made with a sweet bread dough and filled with prune or poppy seed filling....(you'd roll the dough flat, cut into squares, then place the filling inside each square and fold the corners in. Then you'd place them on a cookie sheet touching each other to bake). We're from Michigan, but my kids moved to Texas (College Station area, no, they don't go to A&M) last year.....so, we visited them and ran across this store that sells kolches. I was so excited, because I have never seen a store advertise them EVER.

Well, they are totally different from what me and my mom make, but....they are GREAT. My family goes for the sausage and jalapeno ones......great for breakfast. I was hoping to get off the hook for making them for the hubby....but we do like the poppy seed ones, so I doubt I can stop.

Jami said...

Mmmmm...I'm drooling!

Maricris Zen Mama said...

They have a similar bread like that in Asia which name escapes me but I loved it. yum!

rebel said...

Mmmmm, they sound really good this way. I've made them with fried hamburger and shredded cabbage. So good.

Bethany said...

Rebel -
Isn't that called a Bierrock?

Sara Bonds said...


AC said...


Tara @ Feels like home said...

These look awesome! I'm including them in Things to Write Home About.

I bet they wouldn't be as good with sausage from the grocery store, but I'll try anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

we have a grocery store chain whose deli makes them for breakfast. its market basket in la & tx. they use frozen sausage patties, cheese and/or jalapenos. i feel in love with them. i'd have them open one side and add scrambled eggs inside. they were also made with smoked sausage links & cheese. you can use frozen roll dough & let it do its thing thawing & rising overnight as a shortcut to making completely from scratch.

Marie Nelson said...
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Marie Nelson said...
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