Feb 17, 2009

Our Critters.

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Teresa R said...

The kittens inside the bra cups is a priceless photo!

April in CT said...

I'm with Teresa...kitties in a bra!!! Too stinkin' cute!

rebel said...

Most of that is a common occurence around these parts. Last summer we couldn't figger out why our cat's were losin' weight. My husband went back to the barn one evenin' after feedin' time and looked in one of the windows. There were 7 skunks eatin' at the cat bowls! The cat's were just sittin' back waitin' for 'em to get done! Evidently we had a hole somewhere.
You did a great job on this video.
Loved it!

Leezard said...


Check out my blog, I'm having an apron giveaway!

Baba said...

That music just fit right in! Loved it!

Tatersmama said...

Mmmmmm... I want me some of that Pork! ( I prefer not to know my animals if I'm gonna eat them - but somebody else's hogs are fine. LOL!)
I even have a hard time eating eggs from my "girls".

Mary Moore said...

Adorable, all of them.

Chickenista said...

So cute!! I love the bra shot. ROTFLMAO! And the "mood" pics oh yea we had to have the "talk" a little sooner with our kids than most LOL

Cindy said...

Great video!

Curranbound said...

I can't wait till we get our move done and I can get some critters of my own! I so envy your farm!!

Sab said...

Awww! i love the kittens... in the bra... sooo cute!

I want to learn how to do a pig roast! We have loads of cows (being a dairy does that) and cats (again...) and dogs... i want chickens and bunnies and pigs and ducks and geese and.... yeah... I could go on!

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