Feb 18, 2009

Taking a moment for pure corney Love-Stuff.

Maybe it's the gray weather.
Maybe it's the fact that we were apart on Valentines Day.
Maybe it's the long cold nights.
Maybe it's my sore achy muscles because I'm doing the heavy labor around here.
But I have been missing the Man-of-My-Dreams more than usual this week.

This working out of state thing, is getting suckier and suckier every day.
But, I know I am not alone in my loneliness.. (does that even make sense?)
I know he misses me too.

Thats why I couldn't resist posting this song when I found it.
If nothing else, It'll make anyone missing Texas smile! :)

This one goes out to the Hunk-a Hunk-a Burnin Love
I like to call
"The Man-of-My-Dreams."

Just push play.

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rebel said...

Very entertainin' stuff that you post there.
Man, that does suck that you were apart on Valentine's. I hope he doesn't have to stay gone for very long. Hard on you and the kids.

Lola said...

Bowling for Soup, who would have thought?


Lacey said...

That was adorable!! Hope all is well there in TX. It's kinda cold and icky here in KY. Sendin' love and hugs long distance to ya!!! God bless, Lacey.

Ilena said...

Feeling your pain ~I am a mom of 2 with hubby only home on his days off. It does have a lot of suckiness to it. Wish we could change things but with the economy the way it is we don't dare.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi, you got a cool blog in here. I enjoyed reading your post. :)

Chickenista said...

You are just too good. Your blog just gives me a boost. My Hubby was on the road for 5 years and he just got a local job this christmas so I know what your feeling....

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