Mar 5, 2009
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Mary Moore said...

Tatersmama said...

They say that patience is a virtue.
I guess we're just not very virtuous, are we? ;-)

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you...
and just to show my sisterhood,I'llvoluntarilygiveupmyspacebartoo.

Chickenista said...

Breathing techniques...."The Computer Does Not Control My Life" say it over and over..... Bull spit 'hey kids "RUN!!!!!!!" '

Sab said...

My 'm' key was wonky for awhile too... it kept double pressing, or not pressing at all... weird. Those computers, eh?

Heathen's Hearth said...

aww. i will commiserate with you. I think I'd die without plugging in to my computer every day.

Stop by sometime, we have some cool things in our blog that will make you feel better when its working again.

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