Apr 9, 2009

Case Study in Wienerology

Tonight, I fed my crew a very gourmet meal of hot dogs.
As I watched each of them carefully assemble their hot dog fixin's I realized just how unique each one was.
They each had to dress their dog in a certain way for it to be just right.
It made me remember my college psychology and sociology classes.

Thinking about those classes, of course, made me ask the question...
Why? What does each person's hot dog attire say about them?

Deep, huh?

Lets see what I observed, shall we?

This dog belongs to the 5 year old Little-Foreman-in-Pink.

Gluey store-bought bun, dog, cheese, ketchup. Period!

She is straight forward.
What you see is what you get.
Simple things delight her.

Sounds about right!

This one belongs to Worker #4 (9 years old)

Store-bought bun, Mayo, Dog, Cheese, Ketchup.

Worker #4 is in that place where he is still a little boy, but longs to run with the big boys.
He's easy-going & a friend to everyone.
Adding mayo to his dog is about as far as he's willing to take it for now.

This well thought out dog belongs to Worker #3 (13 years old).

Homemade bun, mayo, 100% beef dog filled with cheese, ketchup, cheese.

This child is my skeptic.
He questions everything.
Is it safe? Whats in it?
He wants things neat and clean and on schedule.
No surprises, no deviation from the plan.

This is Worker #2's (16 years old) dog.

Homemade bun, Cheese & Jalapeno dog, mayo, mustard, chili & cheese,
and lots of jalapeno peppers.

He is my dare-devil. My risk-taker.
Tell him it's too high, too hot, or too fast and
you can bet he'll, jump off it, eat 2 of em, and go even faster.

This mess is the creation of Worker #1 (also 16 years old).

Oh My!
Homemade Bun, Mayo, Cheese, Cheese & Jalapeno Dog,
Onions, Sauerkraut, Gallons of Chili, More Cheese,
and Jalapenos.

This dog SHOULD be eaten with a fork and knife,
But of course, it was not and he has the stained shirt to prove it!

This child is simply a delightful mess!
If it can be knocked over he will bump it.
If it can be spilled, he will spill it.
He is fun, he is lively, You never know what he'll do or say next, but you can bet it'll be shocking in some way!

My spoiled-rotten little city-slicker sister was here tonight too!
This is her dog.

Homemade Bun, Beef & Cheese Dog, Kraut, Chili & Cheese.

She is slightly anal.
Unless it's a topping, her foods cannot touch each other.
She is picky. She is opinionated, she cannot stand getting dirty, she is spoiled rotten.

And... she just happens to have the world's best big sister!

Then there it this one.

Homemade Bun, Mayo, Kosher 100% Beef wiener, Mustard,
Kosher Dill Pickle Spear, Mountains of Sauerkraut,
More Purple Onions than should be legal.

This thing of beauty obviously says that the artist who created it is perfect in every way!

I think I may be onto something with this wienerology thing...
Why spend big bucks on a therapist to find out what's wrong with your loved ones??

Make 'em eat Hot Dogs!

I posted my Bun recipe HERE

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11 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Jenny said...

You may be on to something here. Just saying weinerology makes me feel happier!

Tatersmama said...

Who'd a thunk it? My friend came over last night with the fixin's for hot dogs, but all she brought were SOY DOGS and pita bread !

She's anal, uptight, man-less and will squeeze a nickle until it hollers...unless shoes are involved!

Hmmm...I think this psychology stuff has something going for it!

Elyse said...

This is a great post! Hotdogs are the new Rorscach tests!! I love what you can tell about someone by his or her hotdog. How fabulous!

caednkat said...

Umm.. mayo on hot dogs.. never heard of that and honestly the thought makes me gag a little.

I think my entire family eats their the same way, except my mom who leaves the weiners out of her bun. She doesn't like hot dogs once they are cooked.
(Ketchup and Mustard, DH will sometimes add onions or chili)

Bethany said...

You know what weinerology says about YOU? That you also are particular and are in search of the perfect bite!

And the fact that we all let you take photos of our mouth-watering hot dogs BEFORE we dug in is a testament to our love for you. ;o)

Thanks for a good dinner (and pretty spot-on psycho analysis)!

- your spoiled rotten, city girl, little sister

Cindy said...

Wienerology -- love the word! love the concept! but everyone will think I'VE gone off the deep end when I insist on a dinner of hotdogs just so I can figure their minds out!! LOL!!

Adrienne S. said...

Those homemade buns look awesome! Where's that recipe??:)

Tabitha said...

Found you via foodgawker.

#1 I love hot dogs. And your psychology lesson here is hilarious.

#2 This is ALMOST a haiku:

She is straight forward. (5)
What you see is what you get. (7)
Simple things delight her. (*6)

And that makes me happy, too.

jillian said...

This made me smile. :)

Gerky said...

LOVE this post! Wienerology is great! I wonder what a dill pickle speare, tomatoes and onions says about me?

Do you make your own buns? If so, would you mind sharing how? I would love to make our own.


Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

Great post! I too was wondering about your bun recipe. They look great :p

I like my hot dog with a bun, hot dog(steamed), ketchup, mustard and relish.

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