Apr 11, 2009

The Lonely Pyromaniac (Easter Edition)

It's Easter!
And The Man-of-My-Dreams is still working out of state.
Just like he was on Valentines Day.

Remember this post I wrote about Valentines Day?
How lonely I was?
How much homemade wine I consumed?
How much I loved my shiny new kitchen torch?
That night, I introduced you to The Lonely Pyromaniac.

Shes Back!!

My First Victim was the beloved Peep.

The peep burned fast!
Bubbled up and smelled of burnt sugar.
A complete success!!

**TIP** Peeps make Most Excellent S'mores!!
Put him on a stick....
Roast him over red-hot coals in the fire until his sugary coating carmelizes...
Slap him with some chocolate between to graham crackers...
HEAVENLY!!!! (thanks Lola for reminding me!)

#2 The Ever-Popular Chocolate Easter Bunny.


"Even MORE After"
The bunny burnt before it melted!
Whats up with that??
Chocolate is supposed to melt!
NOT catch on fire!

#3 The Most Perfect Easter Candy EVER!!
The Cadbury Creme Egg!
I changed the background fabric in hopes of catching a picture of the obscene amount of smoke this sucker put off!
*cough* *cough*

#4 Brightly Colored Easter Jelly Beans!

These were kind-of a downer.
They got shiny.
Bubbled a little bit.
Then started to burn.

#5 Hard-Boiled Egg. (peeled)


Ooooooh Eeeeh!
This one was stinky!!
But just burnt on the surface.

You don't think I could stop with just my super-cool kitchen torch do you??
Not when I also have a MICROWAVE!!!
Watch and learn!

Happy Easter!!

What can I burn for Mothers Day?
hmmm thinking thinking....

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11 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Jo Whitehurst said...

Girl, you are SUCH a TRIP!!! I love this "other" personality that appears on holidays when you are flying solo!! Keep up these awesome kitchen experiments...your guys should be well prepared for the next science fair...they have such a wonderful "mad scientist" mom as an example! ROFLMAO

Lola said...

Ohhh noooooo! Don't burn that easter candy in the microwave!

Have you ever tried roasted Peeps? Just like roasted marshmallows, only the sugar caramelizes. They are positively delicious! Stick Peeps on a skewer or hot dog fork and brown over a flame.


Tatersmama said...

Girl... I worry about you. I really do. But I sure hope that you can eat that stuff afterwards! Well, maybe not the egg, but I think I would sure be tryin' with everything else !!

(Lola, I'll be trying the peeps!)

Dana said...

oooooh Lola!
Your right! you ain't lived till you've had a Peep's S'more!!!

I'm thinkin I'll have to add that!!

Carolee said...

That is too funny!

You should add your blog link to my new blog, Bloggers Connect


Dutch donut girl said...

Oh Lord! I hope that the-man-of-your-dreams comes home before you burn the house down :-)

Teresa R said...

You're a sick lady - which is why I think you have one of the best blogs out there! ;D

The Cooking Photographer said...

I laughed so hard! Thanks for the fun!

Elyse said...

I'm sad that you're feeling so lonely, but I must say, I do love the way you channel your loneliness. Watching your pyro-experiments is awesome!! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

My dad and I do peep jousting every year for Easter. Thats basically what this reminded me of haha

Farmgirl said...

I don't mean to sound critical but it looks like a big waste of food to me.

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