Apr 2, 2009

Make it All Better. ((GIVE-AWAY))

The Little-Foreman-in-Pink had a difficult day.
  • It started when she walked into the door frame on her way out of her bedroom.
  • It continued when she spilled her bowl of Captain Crunch cereal all over the floor.
  • Then Gus the Pug Puppy scratched her on the cheek.
  • And the afternoon ended with a minor surgical procedure to remove a 2 & 1/2 inch long chunk of wood out of the bottom of her tender foot.
Out of all of my children, she is by far the LEAST accident-prone, today being the exception.

One thing that I have noticed with 5 children is the healing power of a mother's kiss.
The bump on the head, *kiss* all better.
The tears over spilled milk, *kiss* all is well.

But there is something even MORE powerful for my youngest two.
A single adhesive bandage!
  • A scratch? No problem, stick a bandage on it and the tears instantly dry.
  • A scrape? Bandage it up and it magically transforms from a life-threatening wound to a really cool battle badge of honor!
My short people have taken it to another level.

One minute they are writhing around in pain from an ear infection.
Stick a bandage across the ear... and *Poof* the throbbing stops!

I have tried to use this bandage obsession to my advantage.
But... I've slapped them on upset tummies, to no avail.
I've tried placing a bandage on the forehead to ease a headache, didn't work.

Just as I was learning to accept the fact that the magical power of the bandage was wearing thin, I found the (oopdoo)hug!

The (oopdoo)hug is an incredibly genius invention "inspired by a child's belief in the healing power of a bandage..."
Basically, it's a very schmooshy, blanket-soft, fleece blanket that looks just like an adhesive bandage!

That alone is a super-cool idea.
But what takes it over the top is the white square in the middle.
It's a pocket!
Perfect for an ice pack, heating pad, water bottle, coloring book, etc. etc. etc.

This makes it a bandage that really CAN help those tummy aches! And other boo boos that can't benefit from a "real" bandage.
The (oopdoo)hug comes in several colors and prints.
I got the "brown sugar" (oopdoo)hug, because it looks more like a traditional bandage.

You want one! I know you do!
OK... I'm gonna give you the chance to win one of your very own!

Here's How....

TIMES UP!! check above for the announcement of the winner!

  1. Go to the (oopdoo)hug web site. Click HERE
  2. Choose which color/style (oopdoo)hug your child would love most.
  3. Leave me a comment here telling me which (oopdoo)hug you want to win. (please be sure you include your e-mail address or something so I can contact you!)
  4. Monday April 6th, at 5pm CST a random winner will be chosen and posted.
That's It!
Easy, Huh??
Good Luck!!

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64 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Melanie said...

I would like the hug in bloom

EJ Cooksey said...

What a great Idea! My kids also think that bandages are a cure all.

I would love to win the "brown sugar hug" as it really does look just like a bandage.

My email is cooksey@ejcooksey.com

tabitha said...

I love it! What a great idea. My kids would love the brown sugar one.

Shannon said...

That is awesome! The burst aid is neat but I like brown sugar hug the best because it does look real.


Great review btw.

some chick said...

Those are brilliant!

I like the S.W.A.K.


(sorry, but leaving my e-mail address in comments make me nervous)

Jenny said...

What a cute idea! I love that you could slip a heat pad into it and let them snuggle down with it. I like the hug in bloom wrap, but I think I would choose the Brown sugar hug as it is a neutral color and looks like the real thing.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Dana (the Homesteading Housewife) said...

Some Chick...
Twitter name is fine. :)
I just need some way to contact the winner if they don't see the post. :)
Good Luck!

sandra brewer said...

I would love the Moody Blue one my two younger ones would love it they are always I need a bandaid for this and that. You are so wonderful Dana. babydumpling25@yahoo.com

Lola said...

I'll go traditional, the Brown Sugar.

My email address is lolasdiner@yahoo.com

rebel said...

How cute! It is amazin' what a band-aid will fix.

Cindi said...

These are the cutest things!
I would like the Brown Sugar Hug....it looks more like a regular Band-Aid to me. This is one of those "I wish I would have thought of that" moments!

Thanks for the give-a-way, Dana!


Christy said...

This is the coolest idea I've seen in a long time! How ingenious.

I like the peppermint boo boo please!

Kathy said...

What an absolutely brilliant idea! Why didn't I think of it?
Would love to have the brown sugar hug for my 3 grandbabies. Thanks so much!


Rebecca (Foodie With Family) said...

What a cute idea. I would definitely go for the brown sugar one for the kids. If it were for me... (but really, will anything be just for ME for the next 15 years? Probably not and I'm okay with that.)

Cool giveaway, Dana.

Rosemarie said...

Hi Dana,

They're all so cute but we like the Brown Sugar also. It really does look like a real bandaid.

My email is rosegros@comcast.net.

Thank you!!!

Ailsa Ek said...

Another vote for brown sugar, and if that pocket is the right size to hold my son's beloved hot water bottle, that may just be the best thing ever. I think I am going to have to buy one of those if I don't win the giveaway, cos they're just such a brilliant idea. (I really need to comment on your blog more often. I read all your posts via LiveJournal.)

SpiveyTales said...

I like tranquility.
mel_whoop99 at hotmail dot com

Christina said...

I love the retro bubble dark. so cute. and such a good idea.

Pam said...

I think the peppermint would be perfect for my son now and for his baby sister when she gets a little older!

melacan at hotmail dot com

Melonie said...

What an awesome idea! I think "Ripple Effect" or "Green Apple a Day" would be fun but also neutral enough for either of my kids (I have a boy and a girl with 6 years age difference). Thanks for the opportunity!


Crystal said...

Those are absolutely adorable! I also like the Brown Sugar one since it looks the most like a bandage.
My email address is someanonymousgirl@gmail.com

Leslie said...

This is the neatest idea. Why can't I be smart enough to create something like this? My kids believe in the power of the bandage too. Please enter me. I like the traditional brown one too.


Rhonda said...

I'd love this for my RN husband -- he'd get a kick out of it. I like the traditional brown sugar.

rgbarron01 at yahoo dot com

Angela said...

What a great idea. I would love to give this to my nieces! I would love to win the "brown sugar hug".

Thank you for the giveaway and also thank you for giving us your blog to read. I enjoy it regularly.

My email is angela_faeh@hotmail.com



Gingerlylizzy said...

Mmmm, so cute. Brown sugar all the way. dillydallyart@gmail.com

Satsuki Rebel said...

We'd love to win the retro bubble dark one- cute print!

Gingerlylizzy said...

Oh, and sorry to hear about the little foreman's ouchie. That is never fun :( Good thing she has lots of Mommy kisses.

Tina said...

Ohh my girls would just love these...I often run out of bandages in my house. What a neat idea. If I won, Id like the brown sugar, definitely looks most like a real bandage.
My email is rtcm.kincaid@gmail.com
Great givaway!

Penny said...

These are just such a great idea! My little pink princesses would love "Hug in bloom." Thanks!

Beverly said...

"brown sugar hug"

love2lovepoetry (at) yahoo.com



Adrienne S. said...

So Cute! Love the brown sugar hug!

Kim said...

My kids are just like that! Whenever my 3 year old gets hurt he wants a bandaid to make it all better. I'm thinking one of these would really come in handy! I'm sure he would love the brown sugar hug! Thanks!

Polly said...

My nephew just loves a bandaid for everything. On the shirt if its dirty, on the hand if it hurts, in the hair if youre not paying attention and of course on his blanket because it got a small hole in it.

The brown sugar hug would fit in just right at our house!

Thanks for the give-away

Wendy said...

These are adorable. I think I'd use it just as much as the kids! LOL They would love the brown sugar one. 5Wrights@centurytel.net

Granna said...

The brown sugar is my favoritist one!

Megan said...

Oooh how cute! The hug in Tranquility would be so perfect. That chocolate brown is his favorite color!

Jo Whitehurst said...

Hey! My kids are grown, but they still come to my house and go straight for the cabinet that holds band-aids! Love the Retro Bubble Lite, and of course the Brown Sugar Hugs!


Mom said...

This is so clever.

I want the brown one - just like a real bandaid.

I have a 2 yr old who absolutely must have a Band-aid on her body somewhere at all times. No joke!

And her birthday is May 1st - so what a wonderful birthday gift this blanket would make for her.


Lacey said...

Whoever thought of this is an absolute genius...tell me again why you didn't think of this since you seem to think of tons of other neato type things.

Anyway, I don't have kids, but I have a younger sister (8) and a younger brother (5) that would love an oopdoo (which as a word itself is kinda cool cause it's the same upside down and backwards as it is rightside up and forwards). I think they would like the one in brown sugar since it looks more like a real bandage. My email is laceyj1204@gmail.com

Missy said...

Hug in Bloom is my favorite. This is a really neat idea. I have never seen these before!

Thank you,


aprilbapryll said...

Those are cool! I'd love the brown sugar one ... :)

Curranbound said...

I'll go brown sugar too! What a neat idea! Don't want to leave my e-mail here, but you can contact me through my blog!

Elyse said...

Oh my goodness. These are hysterical. No kids yet to use this magical trick on, but I must say: this totally would have worked if my mother had had one of these when I was little. How cute

Margot said...

I love the dark retro bubble one. This is a really neat idea. My email is shelterednotshattered@yahoo.com

Anita said...

Oh my little granddaughter would love this..we found out today she is going to be big sis to a little brother!!!! April 6th is very special to me and hubby,it will be our 41st anniversary...congrats to whom ever wins.
Oh b/t/w/ Love the brown sugar hug.

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

This is too too neat! I've got to go with the one that looks like a band aid the brown sugar hug one!

Kassandra said...

I love the no more boo blues. What a neat idea for kiddos


9kids said...

What a great idea! I like Feeling Mauvelous the best.

CanCan (MomMostTraveled) said...

I like the Brown Sugar Hug for my 4 year old. This is such a great idea for children with Sensory Processing Disorder!

onlycancan ta hotmail tod com

andrea v said...

i like the brown sugar one since it really looks like a bandaide. What a great idea.

WoolieBagLady said...

Brown Sugar Hug definitely!! Need the look of the real one. It's been one heck of a year topped off by losing my job. I think I need the band-aid!! :)

wooliebaglady at gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I wished I'd come up with this product. What a great idea. I'd go with the traditional brown if I win. I'll get you my email address if that happens. I'll be watching!

Cindy from AL said...

Someone is alway stealing my ideas!! Just kidding - wish I had thought of it first. I'd love the "Brown sugar hug". My email is cn1965@yahoo.com. Thanks, Cindy

Vicki in UT said...

I love the brown sugar hug; my grandson would love it!

Condo Blues said...

I like the brown sugar hug. The kids are all about band aids. Although since I read that you can put a hot pack in it and put it on your tummy, I may borrow it once a month ifyaknowwhatImean.

Elaine A. said...

I like the green apple a day but I also like the brown sugar. It's hard to decide. This is such a great idea. I see stuff like this and think - why didn't I think of that!!

Thanks for the chance to win one.
ealguire at sbcglobal dot net

Julie said...

I love the brown sugar too! This is so cool!

Julie Guthrie

Bobbi said...

I would have to go with Brown Sugar


Silentcrow said...

I would like to enter, please. Anything suitable for a boy would be fine.

Silentcrow said...

Oh, my email is silentcrow01@yahoo.com

Beth said...

Such a great idea. I love the retro bubble lite one. Kids would love these.

DanaW said...

Definitely the brown sugar one that looks just like a bandaid. What a great idea for a give-away!


christin said...

I like the retro bubble dark print:) Thanks!

Tiffany said...

Hey Dana, could you give me a little bit-o Brown Sugar?

Cute idea:)

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