Apr 1, 2009

Changes... They're On The Way!

It's the start of a brand-spankin' new month.
April is gonna be a month full of change.

I know, I know..
Change can be a scary thing.
Change can make your armpits all sweaty.
Change can make you wanna run and hide.
Don't worry! This time, I promise, change is a good thing!

Starting tomorrow, I'll have my very first real contest/give-away!
And believe me when I say,
If you have young'ins...
You want this prize!!
I just got mine and it's BRILLIANT!! (I SO should have thought of it first!)

"Craving Comfort" with The Homesteading Housewife will make it's debut!
This will be the new home for all the recipes.
Don't worry, the main Homesteading Housewife site will link to them too!

The Homesteading Housewife main site (this one!) is getting a face lift.
I adore the look and feel of it now, but it's getting slower and slower to load because I am a hoarder and there it simply too much "stuff".
I'm working with Rachel from Blog Candy Designs again, so I know we'll all be thrilled with the results!

Stay tuned for more!...

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3 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Rosemarie said...

Good luck, Dana! Looking forward to the new site!

Katidids said...

This look is nice but I cant wait to see the new one!

Anonymous said...

I like it now, but I adore change. Looking forward to the new look...


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