Jun 22, 2009

Reasons He's the Man-of-My-Dreams Birthday Edition!

Today is the Man-of-My-Dreams' birthday!
He is working out of state so we won't get to be together.

The best thing I can do without actually being with him is to proclaim my sappy, never-ending, exciting, deep, hot-n-sweaty, giddy, passionate, comfortable, tingly, love for him...
...and making all the other ladies green with envy because he's mine.... ALL MINE!! doesn't hurt either! (insert evil laugh here).

Don't tell anyone...
But today he is
39 years old!

To commemorate this milestone in my beloved's life, I'll share

39 reasons he's the Man-of-My-Dreams!
  1. He is a wonderful father!
  2. His unwavering dedication and faithfulness.
  3. He schmooshes the BIG bugs.
  4. He can fix anything that's broken.
  5. He is the world's best taste-tester for my recipes and never complains when they are a BIG flop.
  6. The way he always covers me up in the middle of the night after I kick off the covers.
  7. He has no problem pitching in and doing laundry or dishes when I am a total slacker.
  8. He never makes me feel bad for being a total slacker.
  9. The way he shows me total respect and teaches our children to do the same.
  10. He is a wonderful step-father.
  11. The way he sweetly rubs me when I snore instead of kicking my butt out of bed.
  12. The way he makes me feel like a woman.
  13. The way he makes me feel like a lady.
  14. When he notices a stray hair growing in a place it should NOT be, he tells me there's a hair from Otis the Boston Terrier on me so I can get rid of it. And he actually acts like he believes that's all it was!
  15. His strong work ethic.
  16. His wrists.... ooh, his wrists... (swoon)
  17. He humors me and doesn't throw too large of a fit when I come home with a new critter.
  18. His kisses.
  19. He backs me up when I'm disciplining the boys.
  20. He reads my silly blog and doesn't tell me when I make no sense.
  21. He supports my dreams, even when they are crazy.
  22. He tells me I'm beautiful.
  23. He never ends a conversation without telling me he loves me.
  24. He pretends not to notice when I pass gas. (Not that I EVER do!)
  25. The way it feels when he wraps his strong arms around me.
  26. His strong arms.
  27. His willingness to try new things.
  28. The fact that he would rather spend a weekend with the family instead of out with the guys.
  29. He doesn't laugh at me when I cry like a baby at movies and sad songs.
  30. His cleft chin.
  31. His thick Texas accent.
  32. The way he fills out those Wranglers... Oh my!
  33. The way his hard-as-nails shell crumbles when he sees his little girl.
  34. He moves the heavy stuff.
  35. The twinkle in his eye when he's being naughty.
  36. The way he talks about our future and makes me feel secure in the knowledge that he is excited about spending it with me.
  37. His smell.
  38. The way he acts like my lumpy, bumpy, sagging-from-birthing-all-them-babies body is still sexy.
  39. Everything.
Happy Birthday, baby!
I love you and am proud to call you my husband!

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5 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Rosemarie said...

Awwwwwwww....how sweet!!!!! You found one of the good ones, Dana!!! You're a lucky woman.

Hannah Handpainted said...

This is wonderful. Great father's day thing, too! I feel the same way about my husband. It's just an amazing feeling to have someone like that in your life.

Chickenista said...

Your soooo sappy, I LOVE IT. My man makes me feel all giddy inside too. After all these 11 years, I think thats the key. When you can look at each other and still get goofily giddy feeling he's a keeper.
Happy bday to your guy!!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome post! My fiancee and I should do this for each other.....what a wonderful gift to each other. Don't you think?

You are pretty darn cool.

By the way.......everytime I see roadkill I SO badly want to send a picture to your boys. I laugh just thinking about standing in traffic taking a picture of roadkill. People would be screaming out the window WHAT THE @#$@# IS WRONG WITH YOU GET THE @#$#@ OUT OF THE ROAD.
LOL LOL Keep up the good work on the blog. I'm lovin' it :)
Polly from KS

Anonymous said...

what a lovely blog. you made me realise I shouldn't get mad that my boyfriend doesn't know how to turn the washing machine on! he makes up for it by just being him x

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