Jun 16, 2009

Could They Be Right?

I was driving the other day with 4 teenagers in the truck.
As we made our way along the country road, we all noticed something furry and obviously dead on the side of the road.
"What was THAT?" I asked.
They all chimed in and tried to figure out what poor animal was the victim of a moving vehicle.

It dawned on me.
We were all talking while we drove.
We were all listening to music.
We were enjoying ourselves.
But each of us noticed and tried to figure out what was dead on the side of the road.

So, I asked them...
"How is it we can miss a turn-off or a certain street we are actively searching for, but we all notice roadkill?"

The discussion continued.
The teens were all in agreement that people, in general, notice disturbing things.
People seem to be drawn to them.
They may not want to, but they can't help but look.

This lead to talking about TV shows, the news, and the internet.
The most popular shows, games and websites always seem to be the ones full of conflict and with some sort of shock value.

I told them that I was sure someone somewhere had done a sociology study on why it seems to be human nature to be drawn to what I would consider disturbing things.

Ever hear the old saying.... "It's like a train-wreck...."? Ya just gotta look?
It's been a known fact for a long time, or so they say.

We continued talking and sharing our views on what was acceptable or not when one of the boys chimed in.

"Mom," he said, "You put a lot of thought and time into your web site. You work on recipes and try to find humor in everyday things. You have a lot of faithful readers. But I bet one with roadkill would have 10 times the hits."

No..... I don't think so. Sure, maybe in the beginning it would get hits because it would be new, but not everyday readers.

I mean... roadkill? It's something that is a unfortunate part of life.
We all see it when we drive.
Why on Earth would anyone want to see more?

When we got home they did a little research.
They came to me with a proposal.

They launched a site today called www.dailyroadkill.com.
They will take pictures of what they see on the side of the road.
No stories.
No humor.
Just pictures.
They will run it for the summer.
And September 1st, we will evaluate the traffic compared to my sites.

Who knew we'd have our very own sociology study over the summer?

They are confident that their opinions about human nature will be proven correct.

I, on the other hand, think people are better than that!
Why would anyone waste their time looking at something they would prefer NOT to see in the first place?

This post is the only time I will mention www.dailyroadkill.com.
It's up to them.
And it is certainly NOT my kinda site!

This should be an an interesting summer....

I'll report back in September.


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15 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Petula said...

That's very "interesting." I think they are right about a person's need to view stuff like that, but I don't know if folks will continue to come back over and over.

I am looking forward to what happens by the end of the summer.

Anonymous said...

Ya know...I have a feeling that is going to turn into something like cakewrecks!

Jenny said...

You totally caught me! I do get around to reading all the new posts from the blogs that I follow, but when I saw something about roadkill in the little blurb that shows up on my dashboard in Blogger, I clicked right over to see what it was about. Thankfully, there is no way to equip the roadkill blog with smell! Uggh... I refer to it as the delightful scent of summer. I can't help myself, I'm going to click the link now...

Chickenista said...

I have to say.... I'm gonna have to look. I'm one of those looky loo's that slows everyone down. I know it's gross, but you almost have to!

But I will say, if caught on the site, it's strictly for the sake of science!

dykewife said...

i agree with the kids. the site will probably become popular. it's possible that people will send them pics of road kill that they've taken.

jrmom said...

Unfortunately, I think their right! I work with a lot of teens (school, church & Hospice) and I believe they are the most valuable and overlooked asset we have in our society. They get it! They are in tune with how society thinks and they aren't afraid to call people out and make them be honest! Looking forward to the progress of the sight....although I'm with you...won't be taking a look for myself...see enough in person here in the country. Saw a little spotted fawn the other day...very sad :(

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it- I believe your kids are correct. Humans naturally sink to the lowest common denominator. =/ My kids and I had a similar discussion about how they get all upset when a squirrel is in the road and I do not swerve to miss it (squirrels get out of the way without my swerving into their path) yet the kids will easily watch a human killed on t.v. and not think anything of it. There is something very wrong with that.

Angela said...

They are right but very very gross. Though I had never seen an armadillo before so that was interesting in a way. I do just happen to look but I don't go out of my way to check out all the roadkill.

Jenn said...

There was a website (I think it still exists) that showed photos of the partially eaten and massacred critters this couple's cat brought to them daily. I think it was something like "what bob killed." And it was VERY popular.

Your boys might be on to something. :P

Ducky said...

I think they are right...I make it a point to avoid that kind of stuff, but most people gravitate towards it. Plus, other people can share there road kill too, providing an added bonus.

Hopefully, you let us know later on this summer how the numbers turn out.

sue said...

Actually I avoid looking beside the road. I'm aware that there is a critter on the side of the road but I try not to identify it. My gag reflexes are too good. I always thought the smell had something to do with it but, nope I went I looked and ran. Will not be checking them out again.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

First time visitor and I'm one who doesn't take the second look at roadkill, neither does my husband. The summer study sounds interesting, wish them well but won't be visiting -smile-.

Elle said...

I try not to look when I drive by "roadkill". It just makes me sad. But, that said, there will be a lot of people who do. I think your teens are pretty smart and will get a lot of traffic from this. Although, being a mom, I hope you win!

Candice said...

My husband might would check that out everyday.. but I am not sending him the link! lol

Anonymous said...

Ok it is true people do look at them, so maybe their site will be a hit. Ok after peeking at their site I have to say ewwwww! but the turtle with the cracked shell was kind of neat, of coarse we dont have turtles here. Most road kill I see in opposums.

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