Aug 14, 2009

Introducing..... JERKY!

Today is an exciting day!

I have spent the past three days obsessively checking one of my cows butts.
I know, I know, that sounded weird.

But, you see, The smarter than your average cow, Hershey, managed to escape her pasture on Halloween last year and decided to "frolic" with our neighbors Bull.

Um, yeah.... I swear I didn't raise her that way!
So, in classic After-School Special style, she found herself young, unwed and pregnant.

It took some time, and it took a lot of love, but we came to embrace the life growing inside of her.
We HAD to be there for her!
I mean... That Dead-Beat Bovine next door never even gave her another look!

After months and months of waiting.....

Let me introduce...


Ain't he cute?

Here is the proud Momma with her new
"bundle of bull"

Hershey is being a very good Momma.

And we happen to think he is adorable!

Well... everyone thinks he's adorable except his Aunt Paris...

I think we may have made a bad decision letting her witness her sister giving birth...

She has been hiding in the bushes for three hours!
Oh well....
Maybe she'll remember that when she gets in the mood to "frolic".

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11 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

RobynsOnlineWorld said...

OMG - Jerky is SO cute! Congratulations!

Threeundertwo said...

So cute! Love the picture of Aunt Paris too.

SimplyMyBusiness said...

I love this last photo!

Anonymous said...

I'm so ROTFLOL at your cow birthing story!! Jerky is so perfect a name too!

Virginia said...

What a funny story! I love Jerky's white face; what a cutie! Hope Paris hangs onto her virtue for a while.....

Bonnie Story said...

I just got a new piggy and named him Jimmy Dean. I love the pic of Jerky's auntie. I think witnessing the birth will keep her well out of trouble, unlike naughty Hershey. Scared straight!

muddigrl39 said...

That is so wonderful, what a beautiful calf.
I'm so happy for you...

Sandra said...

LOL Love the cute story!

Jerky is adorable. Congrats!! Happy you grew to love the cute little thing!

I just lost my dog (Duke) Thursday.

Anonymous said...

AWE,,,what a cutie :-)
Theresa in Alberta

Anonymous said...

You'll have to forgive me....I have been a city girl for as long as I've been alive. Is Jerky soft and fluffy? Does he eat grass and cow food right away or just drink milk? Can you touch him or does his mom push you away? One day I'll live in the country and have farm pets, until then, I'll just watch your website and enjoy yours!
Polly from KS

Dana said...

Jerky is soft and fluffy.
He just drinks moms milk right now.
Mom lets me touch him... but with a very watchful eye.


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