Aug 24, 2009

Without Me

See this beautiful little girl?
The one with the freckles (or sprinkles as she calls them), dirt smudged on her cheek, and the red Kool-Aid mustache?

She is my baby.
She is my only girl.
She is the end of the line.
She is my heart. (yes, so are her brothers "rolling eyes")

This morning, this sweet little girl transformed into a big girl.

She started school today.

Gone was the red mustache,
Gone was the dirty face,
Her hair was neatly brushed,
Her grubby hands were clean,

She was so excited to start this new adventure.
She couldn't wait to ride the big yellow bus.
She wanted to eat lunch out of her new lunch box.
She wanted to meet her new friends.
She wanted to learn...

She was ready to leave.....
... me.
As we walked into her big school, we saw a rainbow. (look really hard in the picture)
We decided it was a sign that she was gonna have a GREAT day.

And she did....
... without me.


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2 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Susan said...

Poor Dana,
Your kids are growing up and leaving you alone. What are you going to do in 12 years when she leaves home for good? I know, I know don't even think about it. lol

Native American Momma said...

oh no that is exactly what you have been working for for five years so bitter sweet.

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