Sep 16, 2009

They Don't Make Em Like They Used To. WHY NOT??!!?

I live in a messy world.
I live on a messy farm, with messy animals.
I have 6 messy kids.
Lots of mess.
All of the time!

My laundry always contains things that look like this...

My 6 messy kids help with a lot of the messy work on our messy farm.
They are a big help!

But we also depend on some appliances to help us try to keep the mess semi-controlled.

Life would cease to exist as we know it without our washing machine. (see above pic)

The dishwasher is a life-saver for us.
I cook....
I cook A LOT.
I feed A LOT of people.
Thus, I create a DOUBLE-LOT of messy dishes.
The dishwasher makes it possible for us to have a few moments without someone attached to the sink and sudsy water.

And the vacuum cleaner?
Well, lets just say, I would forget the true color of my carpets in a matter of days without it.

This leads me to today's sob story/rant.

My dishwasher and my vacuum cleaner are BOTH....

Yep.... I managed to catch the worlds worst flu this week and while I was writhing in pain and hallucinating about giant lemons in my kitchen, BOTH of these much needed appliances decided to kick the bucket.

Remember our grandmothers vacuums? The canister ones that they would drag around the house with their hose?
They lasted FOREVER.

And my "Super-Great" "Super-Expensive" vacuums last less than a year?? WHY?
I have managed to kill 5 vacuums in as many years, each one supposedly "better" and definitely more expensive than the last!

And the dishwasher? well, it did manage to live for 4 years. (we had to Jimmie the knob just right after the first year so it would fill with water and not smoke us out of the house!)
But it was a MAJOR purchase. That means MAJOR Moolah.
I think a girl should get more than 4 years out of anything that costs THAT much!

Yes.... due to our lifestyle and our amount of messes, our cleaning appliances probably do get worked harder than the norm, but is it asking too much to expect something... ANYTHING to work like it is advertised for longer than a year???

Whats a girl to do?
EXCEPT wallow in her own filth?

Cause, even though I live on a messy farm...
With LOTS of messy kids,
And even more messy animals,
I'm just like you...

Except for the chicks I'm hatching in my cleavage.

Dana (the appliance-poor, overrun with dust-bunnies & dirty dishes, chick hatching in her bra, crying in her beer, housewife)

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5 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

AAAAHHHHHH! This is one thing I hate about modern living. These fancy little do-hickies that we rely on so that we can do more in less time. They break. They are expensive. But if I had to haul around a canister vacuum or wash all of the dishes by hand, nothing else would EVER get done.

I am so with you! hugs

Lisa D. said...

There are a few things I can't live without and the dishwasher is definitely one of them. I have lived without, and almost begged my husband for a new one. We have very hard water that's very hard on it though, so every 3-4 months I have to take it apart and clean out hard water build up. A vacuum I can live without for the most part because we have laminate flooring - never again will I have carpet in my house! Farm life and carpeting and 4 children do not combine well. Now I just have a ShopVac for smaller vacuum jobs. I used to have a built-in vac in a different house and I loved it.

Lisa D. said...

Oh and when you get another dishwasher, get the most basic one. When our last one quit, the repairman said that the electronic panels tend to go on them, and are too costly to be worth replacing ($300 for a new electronic panel on a $400-$500 dishwasher). He said the ones with a manual dial will last much longer.

Anonymous said...

I totally feel you on this! But lets try to think about it through the companies who make our crappy appliances eyes. If they didn't make such expensive shiny pieces of junk, and actually made and sold us expensive shiny things that worked, they would not sell nearly as many products. Then they wouldn't be as wealthy as they are, and how could they ever manage to survive that way?

Ann said...

Check out my new post. I nominated you for having One Lovely Blog

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