Dec 12, 2009


Once upon a time, there was a girl.

This girl lived on a farm surrounded by stinky, muddy animals, and loud energetic children.

She spent her days battling dust bunnies and trying to reach the summit of Mt. Laundry.

She also dabbled with writing online.
She started a blog about her life on the farm,
Then she started a blog about cooking and her comfort food recipes,
Then she started a blog about stuff her Grandma made,
Then she started a blog about her battle with weight and new shiny new Lap Band.

She typed and wrote silly stories, yummy recipes, old fashioned tricks and tips...
And she was happy...

One day she got an e-mail inviting her to come visit New Orleans.
Harrah's Casino & Hotel in New Orleans, as a matter of fact.

They were inviting her and some other bloggers to come and enjoy the
Greatest Weekend Ever.

This weekend was geared towards people who love food from the Houston area.

She was surprised,
She was intrigued,
She was excited!

Obviously, there had been some sort of mistake...
They MUST have meant to invite another blogger from her area.
One who was interesting...
One who was popular...
One who occasionally left their homes...

She decided she couldn't pass up such a great sounding adventure.
Now she finds herself in the incredibly welcoming and charming town of New Orleans.

She finds herself staying in an amazingly beautiful hotel room.
She finds herself taking a bath in a tub thats bigger than her whole bathroom back on the farm.

Everywhere she goes she finds new and exciting things to see hear smell and taste,
She has found herself surrounded with an amazing group of people.

Together, they ate at famous restaurants in New Orleans,
They had amazing conversations,
And the food? On My Goodness the FOOD!

One thing that she noticed, that convinced her for sure that there had been a mistake made when she was invited is...
These other bloggers?
They are SERIOUS foodies!

She felt like a fraud.
She felt like she didn't belong with such knowledgeable people.
But she fell in love with each of them anyway.
She is learning from them.
She is thrilled to be in their company.

They are used to the fancy schmancy foods...
They have never made "Prison Wine"
They are used to the "good stuff".

She finds herself giggling as she eats dinner... Trying to imagine how her family back on the farm would react if she served them a platter of prosciutto wrapped figs for dinner.

She knows that they will figure out that they have made a mistake....
She knows it's just a matter of time before they toss her out on her big 'ol redneck butt.
But before they do...
She is gonna give YOU the opportunity to come and experience New Orleans like she is.

Win a FREE 2-night stay at Harrah's Casino & Hotel!

How to enter...

  1. Leave me a comment telling me why YOU want to come have Your Own "Greatest Weekend EVER" At Harrah's NOLA.
  2. Tweet this about giveaway using the Hashtag #HarrahsNOLA
  3. Blog about this giveaway on YOUR Blog/Facebook page/ Myspace page etc...

Please use a separate comment here for each Tweet/post/etc... Make sure I know your Twitter name and/or leave a link to your post. Enter as many times as you'd like.

The winner will be chosen on Sunday 12/13/2009 by a random drawing.

Disclaimer.... yadda yadda yadda...

  • The winner will receive a 2-night stay at Harrah's Casino & Hotel in New Orleans.
  • Prize does NOT include travel, entertainment, meals etc...
  • The winner much be a US resident.
  • The free 2 night stay must be used before 12/30/2010

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12 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Gin said...

Why would I like to go to NOLA for the Best Weekend Ever? Because NOLA is one of the greatest places on Earth. NOLA is my place to get away, and to get away is just what I need right now! :)

Connie said...

I've never been to New Orleans but I'd love to! The hubs and I can fly anywhere in the US for free, but we have no where to go! Harrah's sounds PERFECT!

Tina said...

I have always wanted to to to NOLA. and I adore the other Harrah's properties!

Anonymous said...

Reading your tweets and seeing the food you've eaten has me dying to go!
Bill Sloan.

William Meznarich said...

Born in TX, but raised in NOLA has put me where I am today, a European Wine Brand Manager. Starting working in a wine shop right outside of NOLA when I was 15yo. At the same time I was engulfed with the culinary goodness that the culture had to offer. I continued working at that shop until I graduated HS, the dinners, the wine, the company and the stories I experianced from that shop and living on NOLA are priceless. I long to move back as quickly as my job will let me. But in the meantime a nice weekend visit would be fantastic for my girlfriend (also a NOLA native) and I!

The Mom Claire said...

Why do I need the greatest weekend ever? Where do I start? Hubs works 60 hours plus a week, we rarely see each other with his crazy schedule. We have a 4 1/2 year old daughter. We have maybe had one night together alone since she was born and we were so tired that we just crashed! We live across the Lake from New Orleans and this would be the PERFECT opportunity for us to get away, even if it is just less than 30 minutes away. We need to reconnect and I need to kick his booty at Blackjack!

The Mom Claire said...

Tweeted it!

The Mom Claire said...

Posted on Facebook!!!

William Meznarich said...

PS: I am actually cooking gumbo, for the saints game of course, as I am writing my comment. Retweeted! - TexasWineGuy

Kelly said...

I would love to check it out!
I need a break!
too many kids! too little time.

KellyGHT223@ g

Rosemarie G said...

I hope its not too late!! My husband is from Zachary, LA but I've never been to Lousisiana. This would be so cool!!!


Rosemarie G said...

Also adding a comment to my Facebook :o)


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