Dec 8, 2009

The Day The Blog Died.

You know what?
The Man-of-My-Dreams has killed my blog!
Yep... Altho I love the man more than words can say.
I blame him for the demise of The Homesteading Housewife.

While he was working out of town,
I sat home with all 6 of the kids,
All of the critters,
All of the laundry,
All of the mud & muck that is our life here on our homestead.

One of the things that kept me writing was knowing that he was out there... somewhere... reading it.
Somehow it would make him feel closer to us,
Somehow he wouldn't feel like he was missing all the silly little things I write about when he was so far away.

While he was away,
I wrote every day.
I wrote about the "nothings" that happen every day.
I wrote about quirky kids.
I wrote about yummy food.
I wrote about muddy critters.
I wrote about my many MANY shortcomings in the Mothering, Wifeing, and Domestic Goddessing categories.

Now that he has been home,
I haven't been writing....
I haven't been able to think of anything "clever" or even remotely "interesting" to say.

I have, however, spent my days following The Man-of-My-Dreams around as he split & stacked fire-wood,
Cleaned the dust bunnies out from under the heavy furniture,
Refereed spats between the children,
Basically, he worked like a dog, while I sat on my big 'ol butt, admiring the view.

The view of the his muscles flexing while he does strenuous work outside.
The view of him sitting at his desk with his incredibly sexy furrowed brow, while he is working.
The view of him in the bed that I have slept in for so many months alone.
The view of the NO-dust bunnies under my couch.

I haven't written,
I have just been enjoying my time with The Man-of-My-Dreams while I have him in my hot little hands. (both figuratively and literally).

I have some good news...
And some Bad news.....

The Good News?
I'm gonna be writing a lot more again!
You will be able to read more of my pointless rambling soon.
I will once again be spewing my own inadequacies all over the huge world-wide web.
Oh joy!

Why? You Ask?

The Bad News.
The Man-of-My-Dreams is leaving again soon.
He will be further away than before.
He will be gone longer than before.
He will have less contact with us than ever before.
He will be in Kazakhstan...
... For at least a year!

Stay Tuned....
and thanks for Hanging in with me this far!

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6 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Threeundertwo said...

Oh dear, that is far! Squeeze him while you can.

Jordan said...

Wow, Is it for the military? If it is, both of mine have been there for a yr. my sons that is. Hang in there!

Bonnie Story said...

Wow, I'm sorry about the bad news... Good for you for not staring at the computer while your precious MOYD is underfoot. Squeezes and more squeezes!! I'm SO GLAD for the good news - for a sec I thought you were hanging it up - *gulp not one of my fave blogs* and I'm glad to hear that I will be hearing more. So, the good, the bad, the ugly? - and definitely the love. Peace to all of you and very, very safe travels!! Cheers, Bonnie PS: Isn't that where Borat came from?

justjoycee said...

Lovely post. We do tend to watch our men while they work, play, eat, sleep, etc. because we love them so. Sorry he will be leaving you again.

Chickenista said...

WHen my Hubby came home after working OTR for 5 years I enjoyed every minute he slaved over the honey do list! Knocking 'em out left and right as to say "Your man is home darling" I LOOVVEDD It!! But, its been a year and slowly his list is growing again...*sigh* I couldn't imagin not seeing him for an entire year.. Yippee for your blog cause I love it, but I'm so sorry he's going that far for that long :( *hugs*

Amy said...

Oh wow. I'm sorry to hear he is leaving again. I know it will be hard. Hubby is in the military, so I can somewhat relate to the distance and communication issues. hang in there.

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