Jan 15, 2010

Keeping The Spark- Little Tip #1 - (send him a love note!)

As wives and mothers, we are so busy with
the house... the kids... the errands... the kids... the meals... the kids...
And , of course, the kids.

We pride ourselves in being good mothers, and often, in the process, we lose track of ourselves.
We are so busy in "Mommy Mode" that the "Me mode" kinda gets lost.

The the woman who he fell in love with, becomes the mother of his children.
And that is a wonderful thing!
Being a mother is one of the most important and most rewarding jobs in the world.

But who says we can't be both?
I know I was letting the romance fall to the sidelines a little bit.
I vowed to change that!

Keeping the Spark Little Tip #1

Send him a love note!Remember when you were dating? You sent him love letters didn't you?

How long has it been since you told the Man-of-YOUR-dreams how much he really means to you?
Have you told him lately that your proud of him?
Proud of his work ethic? Tell him so!
Proud of the father that he is to your children? Tell him so!
Are you proud to have him as your husband? your partner? your lover? Tell him so!
Tell him why you love him.
Tell him what he does that knocks your socks off.
Be as blunt or as flirty as you are comfortable with.

Our men need to know they are wanted and needed, just like we do!

Write him a steamy little love note.
Slip it in his briefcase.. or on the seat of his car... Or e-mail him if you have to.
Let him read it and give him something to think and smile about the rest of the day!

Come back here and leave a comment so I know I'm not talking to myself only! :)

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2 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Jewel (djcalibaba@hotmail.com) said...

I wrote a note like you recommended, printed it overtop of my picture in black and white and framed it for my husband for Christmas. He said it was the best present he had ever gotten. Very awesome!

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

What a great idea. Maybe on the bathroom mirror so he'll get it when he shaves in the morning. :)

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