Jan 15, 2010

Keepin the Spark.

This weeks posts are gonna a little different than my "normal" posts.

I have been missing the Man-of-My-Dreams while he is working out of the country, and I have decided I am gonna try to make his first visit back home (in about 3 weeks) something he'll never forget. (he cannot access my blog while he is away, so I won't be spoiling any of my surprises or fun)

I usually steer clear of the romantic and/or sexier posts because this site has always been such a Mommy/family blog.
But the more I thought about it, The more I realized that romance and excitement is a BIG part of any family/marriage/relationship.
And, lets face it, after spending the day chasing after muddy kids and muddy cows, sometimes romance and keeping that "spark" alive accidentally slides further and further down our very full list of "to-do's"

Don't worry... I'm not gonna write anything too racy or unsafe for the whole family to read..
But Wives and Mommies?
You might wanna be sure to join in on the conversation that is to follow...
This is gonna be fun!

Keepin the spark #1 will be posted later today.
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justjoycee said...

My late husband and I always, for 18 years, had a date night. We always looked forward to our Friday nights together. Our son went to spend the night with his grandparents. We would get all dressed up, matching I might add, and go out to eat and dancing. Sometimes we would stay home, cook a romantic meal and put on the music and dance. I think all couples should have a "Date Night", at least one night a week where they can spend time just the two of them.
Keep the spark alive!!!!!

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