Jan 19, 2010

Keeping The Spark- Little Tip #3 (Spruce it up!)

OK ladies...
Remember when you were first married?
Remember how different things were?
Remember when you had the time, and desire, to look "special" for the Man-of-Your-Dreams?

Did you go to bed wearing his T-shirt and your funky and cozy fuzzy socks?
Did did you run around the house the next day in that same t-shirt and your favorite old ratty sweat pants?

I doubt it...

We wanted to look appealing to our man.
We wanted him to notice us.
We wanted him to think we were hot!

Somehow, over time, life took over...

Between cooking dinner, helping with homework, breaking up fights, cleaning up dog puke, and grocery shopping, looking good and appealing slipped further down our list of "whats important".

Who has the time anyway??
Well... You Do! thats who!

Today's Little Tip....

Take a minute to spruce it up!Slip on a cute nightie instead of that T-shirt before bed.
Lose the sweats and T-shirt for something a little more special.
No... I am NOT talking about mopping the floor in your Ball Gown and pearls, But take a few minutes to make yourself look a little sexy.

It takes 10 seconds to put on a coat of mascara and lipstick.
Its just as easy to pull up a pretty pair of lacy panties as it is to pull on those old cotton holey undies.

How bout a squirt of his favorite perfume on your neck?
That doesn't sound so hard does it?
Pull down that pony-tail and brush your hair before you come out of the bathroom in the morning.
We are NOT talking about anything difficult or too time consuming, girls!
Just a little something different than the rut we often find ourselves in.

And remember! Your not just doing it for him!
Your doing it for you too!
I know I feel better about myself when I look a little less like a Zombie.
It puts a little"perk" in my step!
You will to!

Today's Mission!!

Do each of the three Little Tips!
#1 Stick a little note that says.. I love you! somewhere he doesn't expect it.
#2 Kiss That Man!! (the 5 Second Kiss!)
#3 Give him something to look at! (that's today's tip!)

Coming up next....
Why in the Heck are we doing this?????
Stay tuned!
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4 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Nina said...

Keep these tips coming Dana!
I've been following them to the letter, and I can see a difference already!
Even if he doesnt notice yet. I sure do!


Lisa in Tenn. said...

Time to dust off the lace!


Angela @ Nine More Months said...

I think I need to lose a few pounds before I get into anything lacy. But I am interested to see where this is going...

Jeslyn said...

Love your ideas. I'm sure my husband will too. :)

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