Jan 5, 2010

The Redneck in Russia.

Ok.. so the Man-of-My-Dreams isn't really in Russia...
But "The Redneck in Kazakhstan" just doesn't have the same ring.
So, we shall deal with me being a little geographically incorrect, ok?

I may have been absent from writing, but I have been hoppin-busy around the farm.
Getting him ready to be shipped off to a strange new land,
Kids home for Holiday break,
Friends and family visiting for the Holidays.
Cooking, cooking, cooking.
Chasing random escaped cows.
Fighting the flu.
Crying in my beer and missing my man.

...yeah, it's been one hellova month!

My redneck is in a third-world country.
He doesn't speak their language.
He is not being welcomed with open-arms.
He stands out like a sore thumb.
In other words, he is just about as far from his comfort-zone as possible.

Everything has been new for him...
The food,
The language,
even the shower and toilet took some figuring out!

The food? well.. it's different, but "not bad", except for the fact that they serve nothing cold.
Drinks, salads, everything, is served at room temperature or hot.

The toilets are "simple troughs in the floor, or square".
Even the thermostat in the uber-expensive hotel room was funky and difficult to figure out.

There are many other "issues" going on that are making this trip more than a little concerning, and unsettling for the both of us.

And... well.. I DON'T like it!

As the wife, I am not dealing with it too well.
I am the one who makes sure my man is safe and comfortable,
I am the one who makes sure he is eating well,
I am the one who takes care of the "little things" that make life more livable.
And the fact that there is nothing I can do to help him out over there, is NOT settling well with me!

Helpless is NOT a feeling I am used to dealing with.

I'm sure it will all be ok.
I'm sure it will all work out fine.
I'm NOT so sure it will happen before this Texas woman sticks a fork in someones eye tho!

More soon...
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imagrandma2five said...

Not since he was in the military has my hubby had to go overseas but he does travel on occasion for work and I understand just how you feel. I too am my hubby's caretaker and if I'm not there taking care of him then he's not being taken care of! Hope yours gets to come home soon.
karen in NE Indiana

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