Jan 5, 2010

Until I Became a Mother...

There were many things that I took for Granted.

1.) Spontaneity...

BK (before kids), I could hop in the car and go where ever I wanted, Whenever I wanted. Out of milk? Run and go pick some up! Feel like a going to a midnight showing of a great movie? Cool! Lets go! Feel like eating a pint of ice cream for dinner? Bring it on!
AK (after kids) It's, Where is the diaper bag? Is it nap time? Will they be cranky? Do I have bottles? Will I be home before their bedtime? Am I meeting their nutritional needs? Did everybody go potty?
There are NO easy quick trips anymore.

2.) Privacy...

Oh where do I begin?!
The bathroom, yes! The bathroom. Do you know it's been 14 years? FOURTEEN Stinkin years since I've gone to the bathroom uninterrupted. Gone are the quiet private times spent in the bathroom... Now it's "Mommy! Can you see my fingers under the door?" "Mom! Where are you?" "Mom! I can't find my brush!" "Mommy, are you going Poopy or Potty?" "Mommy, Your a big girl! Good Job!".

3.) Phone Conversations...

When I was a teenager (Way BK) I could spend hours on end talking to my BFF, Marlene. We would have long conversations about nothing... and everything.
Now (AK), Being on the phone instantly sets off a chain reaction of crisis moments, questions, and fights. I can't be on the phone for five minutes without someone or something interrupting me. **ugh**

4.) Warm Food...

I never realized how much better food is when you eat it while it's warm! It's been so long since I had a warm meal... Now I'm too busy filling plates, cutting meat into bite sized pieces, pouring drinks, and settling everyone down for the meal, that my food is ice-cold before I get to touch it.

5.) Smelling, and Looking Nice...

Oh the days that I used to actually look and smell nice! I took those days for granted.
There used to be a time (BK) that I wouldn't leave the house without my hair done and make-up perfectly applied. Now, I'm lucky if I have on matching shoes!
And smelling? well... It wasn't until I had kids that I started to view a morning shower as a luxury! I've gone from smelling like spring flowers to smelling like sour breast-milk, to smelling like a dirty sweat sock!
There are actually some days when I glance in the mirror before falling into bed, only to realize that I haven't looked in a mirror all day long! Not a pretty sight! trust me!

6.) Peace...

Between the music blaring, video games booming, little girls giggling, clumsy boys running, doors slamming, dogs barking, cows moo'ing, impromptu WWE SMACKDOWN fighting, TV's playing, teenagers farting, belching, etc... etc... etc... there is never.. EVER a moments peace... Ever!

7.) My Mother...

I realize now, that my mother is a Saint! She handled all of the crap that her children gave her, all the hardships and trials we brought to her, with so much more grace and dignity than I can imagine.
I don't know how she did it and ended up sane by the time we became adults! Lord knows I'm nowhere near sane! And I have a long way to go before my kids are grown!

Want proof on my mental instability?
Look at my list!
All of the things I complain about.
All my gripes.
All my ranting...

And I wouldn't change a thing!
... If THATS not crazy I don't know what is!
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Grammy Suzzy and DJ Doran said...

Oh, how I love your piece! I have six children, ages 28, 27, 26 (all those are married and on their own), 23 (on his own), 19 & 17 (both these still at home!) and there are times I still have the same experiences. (Isn't it funny how no one wants to talk to you until the phone is in your hand!) You are a great mom, cuz you love them all: burps, giggles, wiggling fingers under the door...And, someday, your hubby may even do the same to you, just to make you not so sad! Hang in there, Mommy, you are doing one heck of a job, and you are making YOUR mommy very, very proud!

Anonymous said...

I am at home alone kids are grown and gone. Hubby works 12 hours a day. I do crafts. its to quiet and I turn the tv on for company, not that I am watching it. But I want a Vacation and come to your house where every day is excitting!!!!!!!!!!! Children run amuck and are fed well and have a woderful MOM!! that buys them pony's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) thank you for sharing your life
aka ozarkquiter46 aka singhopperfarm

Anonymous said...

Very true, I am thankful mine are getting a little more independent and I am getting things back by little tiny steps. Ahhh freedom.

Sab said...

Me too... and me neither! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Just found your blog. The page with your contact info is disabled, so I hope you'll see this message. I was poking around in your archives and found the picture of chicken spaghetti, but no recipe! Can you send it to me? It looks wonderful. Thanks!
Nita in South Carolina (abax63 at yahoo dot com)

Dana said...

Thanks Nita!
all fixed now!

the recipe can be found here...

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