Feb 18, 2010

Makes Me Happy

Collecting still warm eggs, laid by "the girls" each morning...
Yes, it annoys me that they refuse to use the perfectly safe and fluffy nest boxes to lay their eggs...
Yes, I wonder why they can't all lay in the same area instead of in the boat, the tool bench and under the Gardenia bushes.

The joy and satisfaction of feeding my family eggs from our own hens,
Knowing exactly what they ate,
Knowing exactly what they did NOT consume,
Makes me very VERY happy!
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Domestic Goddess said...

I think everyone is posting about fresh eggs today! I love my girls too. It's that time of the year again to order new chicks. We also raise Broilers because I have a child on psych meds and figure the Dr's are pumping enough crud into her body, I don't have to feed it to her too. I am so ready for Spring and planting time.

CottonLady said...

Gorgeous, colorful, fresh eggs!!! I'm jealous-won't be getting chicks until spring in West Texas and then I have to wait til they are laying size,(sigh). Can't wait.

Love your blog.

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