Mar 22, 2010

Help me please!

I'm looking for a change...
Help me choose.

I want to change my hair to Auburn/Red.
I want something that will POP!

Me Now....
Dark Brown with awful burgundy undertones from a bad home hair color job.
Just in case my horrible pic doesn't show..
My eyes are hazel/green.
I have fair skin.
My hair is naturally curly and cut into a layered Bob.

Option A...

Darker Auburn/Red with chunkier light and dark highlights

Option B...
A more medium auburn..
No real noticeable highlights.

Option C...
A more red than auburn color,
Lighter than the others.
My appointment with a real live hair colorist and stylist is tomorrow morning at 10am.
Because... Obviously, I know nothing! :)
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Jo said...

I love option A!! That is so funny!! I just went Auburn from blond and I feel sassy!! LOL!

Bethany said...

I'm a fan of chunky highlights, but you also have to think about upkeep!

Option B would probably be best for your needs, out there in the country with nothing but pitiful home dying kits when you're desperate! (And knowing you, you WILL be desperate and impatient sometime in the near future and try to fix your own roots!)

- your spoiled rotten, "city girl" little sister (who believes in only professionals touching her hair after too many mishaps in her teens)

Christine said...

I love red hair! I'd go with the first one though. It'll pop and make your eye color pop too. When I do my hair a nice auburn my skin looks great and my eyes stay a great shade of green. Love it!

Angela said...

I say "B". My fav is "A" but thinking about all the upkeep makes my head spin. I think "C" is very pretty but also maybe a little too light and roots would be very noticeable. I think a true Auburn red is beautiful and will make your green eyes POP! Can't wait to see the results.

Enjoy your pampering at the salon. =)

Anonymous said...

Love it!!
I think it'll look wonderful on you!
I agree w/ Option A!

You will post before and after pics right???


Sandy said...

I'm a fan of highlights and lowlights. I think it really pops. So I choose #1. Do have it done by a professional. A beauty school in your area can be an option if you need a lower cost option. My daughter is in beauty school and it is half or more off of most procedures.

small farm girl said...

If you are going lighter than your natural hair color, have them lighten up your eyebrows too. Just a little though.

katlupe said...

I like A too. I have kept my hair dark auburn since I was a teen. Even going to a hairdresser does not promise it will look the way you want. The last time I went to one, I had to come home and do it over myself. I don't like the C option at all. I think A or B would look great on you.

Glyn said...

Most def A. The color of your eyes would really pop.

Lacey said...

A...most assuredly the prettiest of the choices. I'd like to get my hair in not only that color, but in that style as well. Wonder how much longer my hair needs to be to get there???

Mari said...

I like OPT B - any would look good though, but I would choose B.

Rebecca said...

I have to disagree with almost everyone here, I am not digging option A! I don't think the whole multicolor hair looks good on anyone, its just not natural. I think that option C is lovely, and I think it would really compliment your skin tone and eye color!

Anonymous said...

B is Lovely!


Teri Eddy said...

I love B! So fresh looking and natural :) let the sun give you some highlights instead of putting them in. :)
PS great blog.

Bryan Granhold said...

B B B B B!!!!

Jordan said...

No way to go than to consult a professional on such. I never thought I would "high light" but did the past week. Best thing I ever did. I did try this back 40 yrs. ago with a friend. Please, consult a beautician you trust.

Chandler said...

I vote for Option A. Especially since summer is right around the corner. The auburn should bring out any green tones in your eyes and I think the lighter/blonder highlights will really make your curls pop.

Trace said...


You have to have the hair color match your under tones in your skin or it just doesn't come out looking as natural as it should. I like option A but with caramel and blonder shades for the summer. You don't want to much blond highlights around your face if you are too fair though or it will wash you out.

Lacey said... it's been 6 days since this was posted and I am so dying to see what you picked!!! Please, Please, Please post an after pic!!!!

Diane said...

I'm about to do the same and I love option A - I'm going this afternoon, so hope you were happy with whatever you had done

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