Mar 20, 2010

Where do they go????

That's it! I may have finally hit my breaking point!
If One more pair of shoes goes missing in this house, I really think my eye will literally explode!

I've tried everything!
Designated a bookshelf in the mud room for all shoes... this way they don't even make it all the way into the house of no return.
Can they put their shoes there?
Of course not!

I've threatened great bodily harm to the non-shoe-putter-uppers... did that work? NOPE!

I've offered rewards for those who DO correctly store their shoes.

I've pleaded, Ive begged, I've done that extremely attractive, screaming-like-a-banshee-pulling-my-hair-out-eyes-wildly-bugging-out-of-my-head-with-throbbing-veins thing.

I'm sure there have been moments when I even cried as we were late to something important because of missing footwear.

Is it getting better? NOPE!

The thing I don't get... is often the shoes NEVER show up again.
Where do they go?

Is there a secret black hole somewhere that only seeks out single socks and shoes?

Is there a shoe monster that makes off with them in the dead of night?

Is there a unreported shoe thief roaming our farm?

Or... have my children finally figured out a way to make Mommy lose her very last shiny marble.

I would love to sit and try to figure this alarming problem...

But, right now.. we are late for a baseball game because,
we can't find a shoe!!!!

This message has been brought to you by the Mom Is Losing Her Mind Society.
We now return to your regularly scheduled web surfing,
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Misty said...

This made me laugh. but its so true... socks and shoes just dissapear!!

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