Mar 12, 2010


My last 10 searches on Google...
  1. how to prune banana trees.
  2. how to repair a broken leg on a couch.
  3. where to order bulk pectin.
  4. how to walk in 4" heels.
  5. best soil for pomegranate trees.
  6. how to restore a rusty cast iron kettle.
  7. Best homemade Oreo Recipe.
  8. nipple piercing pain and aftercare.
  9. cheap romantic weekend getaways.
  10. heirloom melon variates.
I'm kinda all over the place.
Hope no one notices.
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Katy~The Country Blossom said...

LOL...quite the variety of searches!!!

Bethany said...

I read #2 wrong - I thought it meant at-home medical care, not that the leg of the COUCH was broken!

Then I wondered exactly HOW far out in the boonies you thought you were that you couldn't take a kid with a broken leg to the ER! :o)

MamaTea said...

Great list! Was there any relation between #8 and #9? I'm just wondering if nipple piercing had anything to do with a cheap romantic getaway...

dykewife said...

nipple piercing?

Anonymous said...

I wondered the same thing!!

Dana said...

well.... Haven't YOU ever wondered about it? I wonder, therefore, I Google, ;)

Anonymous said...

Not that I know anything about number 8. *looks around to see if anyone is watching her*
But it does NOT hurt that bad and it's very easy aftercare. If you're interested to hear a first person perspective...errrr nevermind LOL

Anonymous said...

Homemade taco MSG!! Thanks for the recipe!

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