Apr 21, 2010

Things I Never Throught I'd Say.

  1. No! You can NOT bring the baby goat inside to sleep in your bed.
  2. I have 5 children.
  3. Oh, don't worry, it's just chicken poop, it'll wash right out.
  4. Just shove the uterus back inside.... she'll be fine.
  5. I just ate squirrel gumbo.
  6. That volcano in Iceland is messing with my plans!
The Man-of-My-Dreams has been home for a month, it's time for him to go back to work in Kazakhstan..
But... Somewhere in a far away land, there is an angry volcano spewing angry ash far into the air.
This angry volcano/ash is preventing the Man-of-My-Dreams from flying out of the country.

Never, in a million years would I have thought a volcano.... in Iceland would mess with our livelihood!

more soon.....
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Grammy Suzzy said...

So funny! I always wanted a lot of kids, so my 6 are not any surprise, but the things you said...about chicken poop, etc. brought back such memories: is the blood pulsing out of the cut? Oh, then it's not that bad! or Is it his pitching arm? (looking at the 18 month old as I am speaking with the fire dept. after the 10 yr. old took him on a little ride out back on the 3 wheeled ATC and rolled it) and can I help bleach your roots on the back of your head (so the 19 year old can dye her hair hot pink! Child #5, so the older four still complain that I never let THEM do that!) Good luck with that volcano thing. As I try to always say, "Control the things you CAN control, because there are soooo many things you cannot control!"

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