May 2, 2010

Ask Him How Much I Suck.

This is worker #3.
He is my honor student,
He is my city-boy,
He is my thinker,

He is 14 years old.
He is not into physical labor.
He is not the outdoorsy type.

So... This past Monday,
when he came down with a fever,
I thought it was the flu that was going around.

Early Tuesday morning when he woke me up to tell me he felt like he was gonna throw up,
I rolled over and told him to throw up and go back to bed, and he did.
I knew it was the flu.

Wednesday, when he told he his stomach hurt,
I thought it was sore muscles from throwing up the day before.
I called him a weenie,
His temperature was down,
and I told him he needed to get up and move to loosen up his tight and sore muscles,
So I made him empty the dishwasher...
I giggled when he did it sitting in a chair.

Thursday, after he insisted on going to school to take an important test,
I picked him up early and he complained that his stomach pain was now more localized to the lower right-hand quadrant of his abdomen,
I began to think it may be his appendix.

2 hours later. when we got to the Dr's office he couldn't stand up straight.
3 hours later when we got to the ER, I thought he was gonna pass out.
6 hours later, when we were in the bumpy Ambulance going to Texas Children's Hospital, His temperature hit 104.2.

Friday morning, he was in the OR getting is ruptured appendix taken out,
They worked on him for over 2 hours to try to clean the massive infection out of his abdomen.

Ask him how much his Mommy sucks!

He'll be easy to find for the next 10 days....
He'll still be in the hospital!
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Anonymous said...

You can quit kicking yourself, we all make a wrong call every now and then. We hate to think that anything worse than a cold or flu can happen to our babies. We're keeping worker#3 in our prayers for a speedy recovery.

Your Son You Picked On said...

Yep. What about when you fell on the floor laughing at me when I was rooled out of school in a wheelchair on THURSDAY, the day I was hospitalized. Just letting you remember.:p

Goddess said...

That's much how I felt when my daughter came in the house crying when she was 5. She said she got poked in the eye, and I was telling her to settle down while I cleaned the blue goo off her face from a sherbet pop before I looked at it. When I pulled up her eyelid, I saw what looked like a blob of jelly sitting on it. Turned out, she got a metal stay from a windshield wiper PIERCED all the way through her eye and within a half centimeter or so of GOING INTO HER BRAIN. I rushed her to one hospital where she had emergency surgery to remove the lens and stitch up the cornea, then to another where she had laser surgery to close the hole in her retina. Btw, she's almost 12 now and just fine (though blind in the one eye). :)

Anonymous said...

Hope your worker #3 get well soon.
I got my apendix removed last fall.
I do know how sick you can feel.
Especially after the operation.
But I'm sure, everything will work out fine!

Anonymous said...

Don't kick yourself, we've all poo-pooed our kids when they were sick and then realized they really were sick. Kids are made of elastic - he'll bounce back and years from now you'll laugh about this. My eyes were watering over Goddess's eye story.

Mom Of Four, Lisa

dykewife said...

you took action when you knew what was going on. a sick stomach could be many things, and most frequently it isn't appendicitis. this time it was. i'm glad things worked out.

small farm girl said...

I would have thought it was the flu too.

Domestic Goddess said...

You are not alone. Although not as extreme we had that a month ago. Son2 said he didn't feel good. I checked his head and said he didn't have a fever he would have to suck it up and go to school. He walked out the door and passed out on the front porch blocking the door until one of the other kids moved him. Turned out he had Strep Throat REALLY bad. I suck Too!

walkertxkitty said...

Don't kick yourself too hard. It's a common mistake. Recently we thought we were dealing with a 'flu when we took a dear friend in to the doctor. It turned out he had a small bowel obstruction...and we'd been teasing him and picking on him all week about being a drama queen and a whining wienie. I yelled at him for being snappish and for not doing his share of the work around the house.

While not a mommy in theory (I'll debate you when it come to anyone having a guy in their life as to whether or not 'mommy' applies!) I seem to be one in practice, as I'm the one our circle of friends brings their hurts and boo-boos to.

I dropped the ball too so I guess I'll join you in the 'I suck' club.

Shelljo said...

I did it to my son too. Cept it wasn't his appendix, he's was pneumonia. He was home for a week when I finally decided to take him to the Dr (friday before labor day weekend.) He said he was feeling better, but when he almost passed out, I got scared. And when his temp also spiked...well, you know the feeling! It happens to all of us.

Melinda said...

don't be so hard on yourself, i'm sure he's not mad at you at all.

Kate said...

I understand the guilt. My stepdaughter walked around on a broken foot for a month when she was 14. I kept thinking she'd pulled something and it would soon get better. I was wrong. Yeah, so thankful she laughed at me when I started crying and apologizing in the Dr's office. In my defense? I did offer to take her to the dr much earlier. It just would've cut into her social/school calender.

Anonymous said...

You did you're best. I'm the mother of three children, 20, 18, and 16. There are/were plenty of times that I told them to SUCK it up. Can't go to the doctor's for every little thing. Sure there were times that I was proven wrong, but we're only human. Just too back worker#3 suffered so long. I can understand the guilt... but again, who knows what a stomach ache could be - usually nothing. Heck, I had a stroke last year and one of the warning signs was a headache but do you go to the doctor for a headache? not usually...especially if married with three teens and full time job. He'll get over it, and I'm glad he's on the mend.

Anonymous said...

WHEN MY#4 SON WAS 4 HE PLAYED SOCCER. his coach had to hold his hand and literally pull him around the field to get him to play.We called him lazy and coaches pet, she was pretty to it off!here the poor kid had pnemonia and I have to say I suck!lol

Rina the Mama Bear said...

My Mom did this to my brother years ago. He had flu like symptoms and my Mom teased him about it. My aunt (a nurse) called and said maybe it's his appendix; sure enough it was thisclose to rupturing, so emergency surgery! Yikes!


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