Jul 7, 2010


Ok, so the Man-of-My-Dreams is back home from Kazakhstan for 26 days...
Every time he comes home, I end up writing a post that starts something like this...
  • Yes, I'm still alive...
  • I know, I'm a terrible blogger...
  • Sorry it's been so long, but...
Do we notice a trend here?
I would think that after a month of working 12 hour days 7 days a week, he would be tired, he would want to rest, he would want to stay home and chill.

The problem with that is that the Man-of-My-Dreams does NOT know the meaning of the word "chill"
"Chilling" to him means "Work" and "Running" to you and me.

In the 5 days that he has been back on Texas soil we have...
  • Totally mowed, weed-eated, and raked the property.
  • Moved, washed, vacuumed & sealed the travel trailer.
  • Removed, repaired, and replaced an a/c unit.
  • Driven to Lake Livingston to scout out vacation spots.
  • Visited family.
  • Attended a party and caught up with old High School friends.
  • Taken the boat to be repaired.
  • Gone fishing at the river.
  • Gone out for Fajitas.
  • Gone out for Burgers.
  • Cleaned out the Mud/Laundry room.
  • Cleaned the carport.
  • Took down the fence around a big dog pen.
  • Pruned the Catalpa Trees lining the driveway.
  • Fixed the gray water line under the house.
  • Shuttled kids back and forth to various family members houses.
  • Hauled fallen tree-limbs to the woods.
  • Cleaned the BBQ grills.
Whew! I'm tired just typing that list!
So... don't get mad when I don't post daily when he is here..
But you could say a little prayer for me...
Cause I'm not sure I'll make it through another three weeks of his "Chilling".
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MamaTea said...

Well...I hope for your sake, he can "chill out" on the "chillin'". Otherwise you'll have to wait until he's gone to chill. And that would be pretty chilly. ;0

The Apple Pie Gal said...

I vote that you slip him something in his lemonade...maybe that chill pill would actually work!

Anonymous said...

Better yet, make sure he catch you in some sexy lingerie

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