Jul 14, 2010


See this sweet girl?...
She is my baby.
She is the end of the line.
She is my only girl.
She was my only chance at having something soft and sweet and "girl'ish".

From the day she was born, this little pink thing has never been afraid of anything.

She climbed before she walked.
She dove before she swam.
She ran fast into un-known places.
She has always been fearless.

Last week-end, we went to the lake.
We brought out the tube we use to pull the boys at gut-wrenching speeds across the water with the boat.

The tube that has made more than one male puke his guts out.
The tube that has made grown men scream like little school-girls.

THIS tube...
We couldn't take the begging any longer, so we decided to let her give "The Tube" a try.
She went with Daddy, and we decided we would tow her around and a nice slow fun pace...

"Faster Mommy!" she screamed...
So, I went a little faster...

"Bumpier Mommy!!"
She screamed...
So, being a good mother, I made a few bigger waves...

Once I was able to regain my composure from laughing so hard at the fact that her Daddy almost flipped out of "The Tube" while our little girl held strong,
I decided they had enough.

She didn't want to stop.
She was furious when it got dark and we had to put away "The Tube".
She out-rode her daddy.
She out-lasted her brothers.
She would still be on that dang tube if I didn't force her to come in out of the water!

... I thought my boys were gonna be the ones who gave me the gray hairs and worry lines....
I may have underestimated Girl-Power.

... sigh...
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L.Howerter said...

heh, I love this. If I have a girl, I want her to be just like yours :)

Bethany said...

#1 - THOSE FRECKLES! I'm proud to call her my niece.

#2 - the face on Worker #1 on the Tube is priceless!

- your spoiled rotten, city girl, little sister

small farm girl said...

Now that's the way ALL girls should be. lol

MamaTea said...

I always knew I was supposed to be a mama of boys, and didn't know what I'd ever do if I had a girl. If all girls were like your girl, I would have asked for three or four!!!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Wahoo! Gotta love a girl with guts!

walkertxkitty said...

Absolutely adorable! And he's obviously such a good daddy. Looks like a lot of fun was had, makes me wish I had time to go play on the water.

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