Aug 29, 2010

In the last 24 hrs...

I have heard...

  1. The washing machine is finally fixed! No more Laundry Mat!
  2. The propane just ran out! No Dryer.. or hot water, and it's the week-end.
  3. Where's mommy?
  4. The cows are out.
  5. I don't like pork chops.
  6. You still owe me $10 mom.
  7. No, I wasn't sneaking a cigarette behind the house! I don't know why I smell like smoke again.
  8. I'm late for football practice.
  9. The cows are out.
  10. You forgot to buy me colored printer paper for school.
  11. Where's Mommy?
  12. We're out of bread.
  13. I'm hungry.
  14. Whats for dinner?
  15. But, It's MY TURN!
  16. But, I had it FIRST!
  17. He hit me!
  18. I don't like my eggs cooked this way.
  19. The cows are out.
  20. There is a spider in my bed!
  21. She won't stay out of my room!
  22. The brakes on the truck are shot.
  23. The cows ate the water hose again.
  24. I smell something disgusting.
  25. We are out of milk.
  26. I didn't touch it.
  27. Where is mommy?
  28. Can I come?
  29. The lawn mower deck broke.
  30. The cows are out.
  31. I need gas money.
  32. I'm late fore church.
  33. I have a baseball scrimmage tonight.
  34. I can't find my glove.
  35. Oops!
  36. I'm not lying!
  37. I'm hungry.
  38. I'm thirsty.
  39. We never go anywhere.
  40. Can't we ever just stay home?
  41. It's hot.
  42. Ewwwwh! He farted in my room!
  43. I didn't hit him THAT hard!
  44. Attention Wal-Mart shoppers.
  45. You forgot Miracle Whip!
  46. I didn't mean to break it.
  47. The cows are out.
  48. I DID rinse off the dishes!
  49. The dog just puked on the floor.
  50. Who ate my crayons?
  51. Where's mommy?
Hows your week-end going?
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5 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Jessica Nunemaker said...

"Who ate my crayons?" I'm hoping you have a dog... ;)

dykewife said...

mine was much more and less stressful than yours. bran finally came home after 8 days in hospital after a heart attack.

i'm glad we don't have cows.

Melinda said...

the cows are out is totally yours LOL

Angie said...

Love your blog!!

From The Heart Online said...

"Where's Mommy?" Oh yes. Totally get that :)

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