Sep 10, 2010

Fear.. GONE!!

This week has been a biggie for this little girl.
She had her first real big girl dentist apointment.

She had been to the dentist for cleanings and sealants etc...
But this visit was for a cavity and tooth extraction.
Oh Boy!
The big problem is...
The dentist who did her cleanings managed to pretty much scare the tar out of my girl.
When I realized she was having tooth trouble, I set out to find a child friendly dentist.
I finally found a fantastic pediatric dental group who promised me that she would be happy and so would I.

This dental group believes in never letting a child get scared in the first place.
This sounded good to me, because I am not someone who loves the dentist! (thats putting is very VERY lightly)
The day of the procedure, we got up and went to the dentist office early.
We walked into the bright and cheerful playroom.
They weighed her then let her pick her favorite flavor of sno-cone syrup.
She chose watermelon, the syrup is what they mix the medication with so it tastes good. Brilliant!!
They gave her a cocktail of medications to help her be calm and sleepy and sent us into the playroom for 45min.

She watched Disney movies and played with the toys for about 20 min....
Then the meds kicked in...
I watched my sweet baby girl become increasingly drunk.
The bead table that she played with for the first 20 min became too difficult for her to navigate.
Her eyelids became heavy.
Her speech was slurred.
She walked like a drunk.
I, being the wonderful mother that I am, found this to be hilarious!
I seriously had tears rolling down my cheeks watching these poor little drunk children bump into each other and giggle uncontrollably.
The nurse came and escorted my stumbling-drunk baby to the back.
Less than 20 minutes later she emerged smiling from ear to ear, clutching fistfulls of Hanna Montana and Sponge Bob stickers, with a hunk of gauze sticking out of her mouth.

"Mommy?... Can we stay at the dentist?" was the first thing she asked when she saw me.
These people know what they are doing!

My 6yr old daughter now loves the dentist!
And...  I guess I would too if they gave me the "good stuff" every time I went!

As you can see by her pictures....
She didn't quite get the hang of closing her mouth when she had a totally numb lip...  she kinda chewed it up and gave herself a fat lip.  Aside from that, she came through it like a champ.
And getting her first visit from the Tooth Fairy was an added bonus in her book!

Now...  where can Mommy find a dentist like hers to work on her teeth?
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Anonymous said...

goodness, she looks like Charlie with red hair.

Miss Tori said...

I hear ya on the drugs! I've got to get a couple of crowns (no, not the kind princesses wear!), and my dentist told me that if I were having problems she could prescribe me something for the anxiety beforehand. You bet your sweet bottom that I will be calling her for them! I even hate having my teeth cleaned, and they say that mine are very easy to clean, since I take good care of them. I'd prefer being out for all of my dental care, but I'll take highly drugged as an alternate.

Anonymous said...

Thank the ones that had told of the horrors of the visits of by gone days I my self was one. My own visits were feared for I had been slapped one the side of my head as he held his hands over my mouth and nose to wear I could not breathe.That happened in my first year of Kindergarten. I had been transfered after a second year of kindergarten to another school over the county line for I ended up having a hearing problem with my left ear the same side that DDS slapped. I feared him. For every time my little bus went that way I would go into that feeling of fear just for going by that place to pick up others. Once I moved to WY I did not see another dentist till I started to have problems with my first wisdom. They had to knock me out. So thank those whom had told their stories. For they have changed the views of DDS visits. Traumas to the face is the worse besides having operations that one wakes up during. Its like being raped which I see it as a rape of peace and gentleness that all should have if were not for the anger every one can show.

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