Sep 11, 2010

Make a life!

This is where I'm blogging from tonight...
Not too shabby huh?
The Man-of-My-Dreams, the kids, and I (after hearing..."we never go anywhere... we never do anything: from them countless times) decided to bite the bullet and get a vacation spot for the summer this year.
We found a wonderful place to set up the travel trailer, it's about an hour from the farm, so it's close enough that we actually use it every week-end, but far enough away that we feel like we've been away. (if that makes any sense)

We have had such a great summer!
During the day, I get some alone time on my Jet ski...


When the Man-of-My-Dreams  doesn't steal it!


Or on the boat, or in the pool, with the family.
We've enjoyed scads of char-grilled meat.
Laughed till our cheeks ached.
Had "deep" discussions. 
Compared sunburns.
Raced down the hill.
Spent hours fishing and catching NOTHING!
We tried to kill our children in a tube being pulled way too fast behind the boat.

We have made so many great memories!

I'm so glad we took the time, and spent the money for this time away...
Because, this is the last summer that we will be the family that we are right now...
After this school year..... *sniff* ... everything will change....

Worker #1 plans on moving to Houston when he graduates in June.
And worker #2 ships out to ARMY boot camp  less than a week after graduation!
That's less than 290 days from now!!
I am so proud of him....  But the mother in me is scared to death.  Ugh!
I don't know how I'm gonna handle almost half  of my kids flying the coop at once!...
I may need therapy...
I may need a beverage....
I may need cheesecake...
I may need your shoulders to sob on...

But, until then, I'll soak in every single precious moment, and enjoy my new "office"...

Please remember....
Don't be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!
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CottonLady said...

You will always cherish this summer of being able to 'get away' with your family. My 'one and only child' and I still have great memories of doing things while she grew up...she is now 35! I actually miss those times at times. Hope you took lots of pictures. Your saying is so very true.

Blessings to you and your family!

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