Aug 12, 2010


As a Mother, I find my self asking "Why" a lot...

For instance....

1.) Why does my teenage boys bedroom smell like egg salad?

2.) Why does the Little-Foreman-in-Pink think it's a super-duper-cool trick to lick her arm-pit.

2.5.) Why would she ever try to do it in the first place?

3.) Why are farts so funny? (seriously! out of all the bodily functions to find hilarious, why is it the fart? Why don't they burst into laughter when someone sneezes,or snarf milk out of their noses when someone coughs?? why the fart??? huh?? WHY???)

4.) Why did it take me over an hour and the use of a metal putty knife to remove cement-like dried boogers off of their bedroom wall before I could paint it?

5.) Skid Marks... WHY? ...enough said.

6.) Why does Brutus the English Bulldog sleep in this disturbing pose? (that Can't be comfortable!)

7.) Why did I just find 14 shriveled up and dried pepperoni under the stove? (pepperoni? Pepperonies?)

8.) Why do the same boys who, when they were 4, loathed nap-time now want to sleep all day that they are teens?

9.) Why can they remember that time in 2001 when I accidentally may or may not have forgotten to pick them up from school on time, But cannot remember that I told them to take out the trash 72 times??

10.) Why has one bottle of shampoo lasted for over 6 months in a bathroom shared by 4 boys?

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Christine said...

hmmm.. sounds like we have similar questions. Would love to know the answers if you ever find them! LOL!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Great comic relief! Can't help ya with the answers...but still great!

Melinda said...

I can't believe how hard I laughed at these because i could relate to so many of them.

MamaTea said... I not surprised at these things that I know will happen as my boys enter teenagerhood? Why doesn't that help them to be less disturbing? Why can't I do anything about it? Why are you so dang funny??? :)

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