Sep 24, 2010

Movie Night

Tonight is movie night at our house.
We are watching "the Blindside" (An amazing movie by the way, I wanna be Sandra Bullocks character when I grow up!  No.... not a skinny pretty blond. A strong smart wiitty and head-strong woman. love Love LOVE her!)

Movie night at our house often looks more like the aftermath of some great disaster, there are bodies sprawled all over the place...
Kids are draped across chairs, couches and the floor.
Various half-empty bowls of pop-corn are strewed around haphazardly.
The movie never ever ends with everyone still awake.

Looks more like we have a gas leak than a movie playing!
Then there is this.....

Brutus is convinced that if it is on the floor....
Including my children.

It's a good thing he is so cute!
Or I might be jealous!

What does your family do together on nights like these?
Do you play board games?
Do you sing Opera songs?
Do you have a communal toe-nail clipping session?
Whats YOUR pleasure?
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ERIK said...

i like it

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