Sep 24, 2010

The girl with the guns

Thats who I'm known as in our little town.
I'm the girl with the guns.

Maybe it's because they have seen me shooting skeet with the boys.
Maybe it's because I hunt.
Maybe it's because I defend my livestock and my fruit & nut trees.
Maybe it's because I tweet about my love for my pink-handled .38 special  The Man-of-My-Dreams got me for Easter that I may or may not have in my purse at any given moment.
Maybe it's because gunshots can be heard ringing out from our farm on a daily basis, and they all know the Man-of-My-Dreams is working out of the country and I'm the only one home during the day.

No matter the reason, I have graduated from the "Fire Lady" to "The Girl With The Guns".

I find it kinda funny, I mean they see me with my fishing poles way more often than they see me with a firearm... Why am I not the "Fishing Lady"?

They see me riding the lawnmower weekly without fail, and I've never been referred to as "That Lady Who Mows".

They see me pulling my jet ski to the lake every week-end and I'm not that "Crazy Jet Ski Woman".

I am the Girl With the Guns.

Now.. keep in mind, I live in Texas.  I live in a rural area of Texas.  Guns are NOT something out of the ordinary around these parts.  They practically close school the first day of Hunting season because so many kids miss school to go hunting with their fathers!

But, I am still the Girl with the Guns.
Guess what y'all?   This Girl with the Guns can out-shoot most men.
This Girl with the Guns can and does protect her farm, livestock, and family when the need arises.
This Girl with the Guns is never afraid of things that go bump in the night.
This Girl with the Guns is proud she can hold her own with the boys.
This Girl with the Guns is kinda confused as to why it's seen as something out of the ordinary for a woman to, not only be able to shoot a firearm, but to actually enjoy it.

I know guns are not for everybody.
I know not everyone lives in an area where livestock protection is an important part of their life.
But is seeing a girl who knows how to handle guns really that rare?
Or... is it that the girls who do hunt/shoot etc...  keep it a secret?

If so...... why?

This is what I am pondering today...
Until I figure it out I'll be the Girl with the Guns, and proud of it!
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Anonymous said...

I hear ya girl!
I love to hunt and fish, but it is typically a mans thing, so I don't tell many people about it.
I'm in love with your pink gun!
Do they make hunting guns in pink too?
I'd love to see your collection!

Keep shooting Girl!

Tracy in Oregon

Anonymous said...

a PINK GUN! I love it! I have a pink fishing pole. I would be all over a pink gun!


Anonymous said...

I'll admit, I'm not much for shooting guns, my husband and sons hunt and shoot skeet. I think I would like it. But I'm kind of scared to even try.
Love the pink gun!
Lori (TX)

Anonymous said...

I would be thrilled if my wife went hunting with me. I think girls with guns are sexy!
You have a lucky man!

MamaTea said...

Girls with Guns Rock. I'm one of those crazy ladies, too. I'm somewhat jealous of your pink gun, and if it goes missing....well, I wasn't there. :)

Anonymous said...

I get called "the girl with all the tattoos". I'd be ok with being "the girl with the guns". I think it's just that people need an easy way to differentiate between folks, and certain attributes do lend themselves to being noticed.

small farm girl said...

I showed my husband the picture of you .38. I told him I want one like it for Christmas. Girls with guns rock!!!!

Katja said...

mhhhh. I live in rural Germany - the only thing I need to protect my farm is a new bag of slug pellets every year...

Anonymous said...

I love to fish and hunt. Nut no one knows it. Maybe if I had such a pretty gun I would shout it to everyone! I want!


Anonymous said...

Maybe they should make some firearms and hunting supplies for women. More than the barbie and Dora $15 fishing poles at Wal-mart!

I want the same power as the men have, but in a more feminine package!

LOVE your gun!


Anonymous said...

Oooooh I LOVE your gun!
Got more pretty ones to show us?

Nancy , Utah

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