Oct 19, 2010

Boo Boos, Band-aids, and a Bad Mom.. Oh My!

Have I mentioned that I am the mother of a dare-devil?
Have I mentioned that he tends to do stupid and dangerous things?
Have I mentioned that he gives no thought to the consequences of his stupid actions?

Well I am.
Worker #2 is 18yrs old and he is this dare-devil.

If it can drive, he'll find a way to make it go faster.
If it can fall, He'll find a way to make it fall faster from further off of the ground.
If it can jump, he'll find a way to make it jump further.
If I have a gray hair, he's gonna be sure to give me a million more!

This is the same child who wrecked a 4-wheeler (and his shoulder) while trying to jump a ditch.
This is the same child who has a scar from playing "catch" with a brick.
This is the same child who has scars from banging root beer bottles together trying to make "music".
I could go on and on...

Well this weekend, we went to the lake.
Saturday evening he came limping up the the campsite.
He was bleeding..  He has road rash all over the left side of his body!
He was a mess!

As I was cleaning up his wounds he explained to me that he was running behind his brothers truck trying to beat him to the pool, wearing flip-flops, down a hill and he fell.
Ugh! We laughed at his stupidity for running in flip-flops on a hill and he limped away.

The next day, I has spent the morning riding my jet ski.
I was towing it out of the lake, when my 11yr old (Worker #4) asked if he could ride on the jet ski  back to the camp site.
Worker #2 went into the game room to play video games.
The Little-Foreman-in-Pink was in the truck, as was Worker #3.
"Sure", I said...  I was only driving up the hill to our site. It was safely secured to it's trailer and I would not pull it fast through camp.

I made sure I was watching  Worker #4 to make sure he was holding on tight to the handle bars of the jet ski, as I pulled out, (I may or may not have gunned it a tiny bit to freak the boy out just a little bit).
His eyes got HUGE and he screamed as I watched a green flash fall to the ground.

It seems worker #2 (wearing all green) had somehow, unnoticed by me ran up to the truck and sat on the corner of the tailgate.

When I moved the truck, I was watching worker #4 on the jet ski and never saw him.
He fell from the tailgate and under the tires of the jet ski trailer!!
 I ran over my kid!
And now...  his right side matches his left side... totally skinless and full of road-rash.

I felt terrible!
I was terrified!
So was worker #4, he was certain he was running over his big brother and killing him.

I took the bleeding child up to the camp site and began cleaning his fresh wounds when Worker #1 walked up and heard what happened.

"Mom" he said...
"I guess the statute of limitations doesn't really matter anymore"... 
I had no idea what he was talking about.

The two stupid 18yr old boys explained...
The night before....  when worker #2 "fell" while running down the hill in flip-flops?
Apparently, he was riding the back of his brothers truck and fell off as they drove down the hill!!!

Two days in a row this brillient child was thrown from the back of a truck!
And yet...  he lived.

He better be careful because I've always heard these things happen in three's...
and if he EVER gets on the back of a truck again....
He won't have to worry about falling off and getting hurt!
I'll take care of it with my bare hands!

Teenage Boys!!!

I've gotta go color the newly-sprouted gray hairs that are on my head...
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Amy said...

I can relate to grays. My daughter does it to me. She is worse than 10 boys. LOL Thanks for sharing. I know now that my daughter isn't the only one.

Lots of prayers.

MamaTea said...

WOW!!! Should I tell you I belly laughed and nodded my head while reading this, and then got really scared because I know that my two dare devil elementary aged boys will grow up to do exactly what your daredevil did? Oh my.

You still rock! :)

small farm girl said...

I just read this to my husband. I haven't seen him laugh that hard in a long time. I hate to hear you ran over your kid, but, it does make for a funny blog. lol

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