Nov 28, 2010

My "Life List" part 1

I've had what they call a "Bucket List" for a long time.
I thought it was high time to put it in writing so I have something to look at and work towards.
Some place to come and check things off as I do them.
I like the term "Life List" WAY more than "Bucket List".

Here is 1-50 of my 100.
In no particular order.

Some are small.
Some are practically unattainable.
But they are all things I want to experience in my life.

My Life List

1. Sky Dive
2. “Comfortably” wear a size 10 jeans.
3. Take a Photography class.
4. Own a Pink Jeep Wrangler and drive with the top off.
5. Take a cruise to Alaska
6. Go deep sea fishing.
7. Take a pottery class.
8. Grow and maintain a (larger scale) successful garden.
9. Can or “put up” enough home grown food to last my family a year.
10. Teach a class or seminar.
11. Walk confidently in high heels.
12. Visit Ireland.
13. Live on a houseboat.
14. Bake perfect bread.
15. Have a family hunting lease.
16. Become good at shooting skeet.
17. Get my concealed handgun license.
18. Eat pasta in Rome
19. Swim in a clear blue sea.
20. Skinny dip in an isolated lagoon.
21. Chase a tornado.
22. Get a makeover by a professional.
23. Anonymously provide Christmas for a family in need.
24. See the Grand Canyon.
25. Visit a Dear Friend and explore Australia .
26. Go to Ohio and NC and visit my brothers’ graves.
27. Make Love outside during a rain storm.
28. Take a train ride through the mountains.
29. Install solar panels.
30. Zip glide through a rain forest.
31. Grow a rose garden.
32. Have an outside Bathtub/shower.
33. Go morel hunting
34. Drive across the country on old Rt 66
35. Spend the winter in an off-grid mountain cabin
36. Scuba on a reef
37. Learn sign language
38. Make my children proud.
39. Run a mile
40. Go Salmon fishing in Alaska
41. Have a salt-water fish tank
42. Volunteer at St Jude’s Hosp.
43. Make someone’s dream come true.
44. Learn how to dance.
45. Go mudding
46. Get in the car and just drive.
47. Grow old w/ the Man-of-My-Dreams.
48. Explore a deserted island
49. Take a hand-to-hand combat class.
50. Find the perfect red lipstick.

Whats on your "Life List"?
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Virginia said...

I love this list! Check out for an online sign language course. Make sure you put on the happy hat before doing the jig....;>

katlupe said...

I love your list! You can learn a lot about a person by reading their list. I think I am going to write a list for my blog soon. Thanks for the idea!

Blogger said...

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