Nov 26, 2010

Make your own super easy (and kinda dangerous) caramel. (re-do)

Who doesn't love caramel?
Caramel candy, caramel on ice cream, caramel icing, caramel in your coffee....
My favorite is fresh tart apples dipped in caramel.
The Man-of-My-Dreams could eat his weight in apples-n-caramel!

Making your own caramel sounds hard huh?
All that stirring...
Cooking in hopes you won't burn it...
Candy thermometers....
etc etc etc... Yuck!

Well, it doesn't have to be hard at all!

Look at this perfectly delicious caramel
(dulce de leche)
I didn't use a candy thermometer.
I didn't stir it.
I didn't burn it.
All I did was stick one can in a pot and let it boil.
And, I'm gonna tell you how.

Perfectly Easy Caramel
(dulce de leche)

You will need.

1-3 can's of Sweetened Condensed Milk. (I use Eagle Brand)
One DEEP pot. (I use a big, tall stock pot)


1.) Remove the paper labels from your cans of Sweetened Condensed Milk.

2.) Place your UNOPENED cans of sweetened condensed milk into the bottom of a large deep stock pot.

3.) Fill the stock pot with water your water level MUST be at least 4 inches above the top of your cans of sweetened condensed milk!!! stick a lid on your pot.

4.) Bring the stock pot to a boil. Let it boil for 3 and a half hours. (a nice consistent steady boil)
Check the water level of your pot numerous times... the water MUST remain at least 4 inches over the top of cans!!! Add more boiling water to the pot if needed.

5.) after 3 and a half hours, turn off the heat and let cool.

6.) once cooled, remove your cans of caramel, open, and enjoy!

***WARNING!!!*** during the boiling process is it extremely important that the water level in your stock pot stays well above the tops of your cans or they may explode and cause severe burns!!
If your water level is getting too low, just add more boiling water to the pot and replace the lid.

I have made this caramel many many times and never had a problem.
But I have heard horror stories about people who let the water boil out of the pot and the cans exploded. If you follow the simple rules you'll do fine and end up with some of the best caramel that you've ever had!

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4 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Heather Kephart said...

Wow, no way! I had no clue it could be that easy. Thanks!

MamaTea said...

How cool is that?? I had no idea it was something that easy. I'll make sure my boys don't read the recipe though, because they would purposely boil the water down just to see something explode...

CottonLady said...

Cool!! I will try this when my grandsons are NOT around! They'd like to see the explosion, too! Thanks for the 'recipe', looks great.


~~~Susan Hollaway said...

Hi there! I LOVE caramel. Unfortunately, caramel loves me. Especially my hips, and my.... well, you get the idea. you think this would work with the fat-free version of the Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk? Have you tried that?

I know that you can purchase fat-free caramel in the store, but it's all high fructose corn syrup. Is sweetened condensed milk sweetened with regular sugar or corn-syrup solids ... do you know?

I'd love to try this in the fat-free version, but really try to avoid the HFCS stuff.

Blessings and Thanks!

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