Feb 8, 2011

Strawberry Pretzel Salad Dessert Thingie

Yes, it's cold outside.
Yes, it's dreary.
You CAN bring a little sunshine into these last frigid winter days with this AMAZING salad/dessert!

This is another one of my most requested recipes that I made for our Super Bowl party.

The pretzel crust MAKES this dish!
Crush them fine and keep your guests guessing!

Here is the link to the easy recipe!
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Sophia said...

I love Valentine's Day desserts, and yours looks so, so delicious! You should really consider submitting this to Recipe4Living's Valentine's Day Recipe Contest! You could win a GreenPan Stainless Steel Todd's Perfect Gourmet Cook Set!

CottonLady said...

This is such a delicious dessert!! One comes to church for every potluck we have...everyone loves it. Yep, it would make a great Valentine dessert! Thanks for reminding me.

Laurel {Make and Takes} said...

This looks so yummy and pretty! I'd love for you to head on over and submit this to the M&T Spotlight: http://www.makeandtakes.com/spotlight.

baby crib said...

The layers are so good! I like it so much. I think this is really a very perfect dessert.

Muhammad Noman said...

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