May 9, 2011

Camaros Camaros Everywhere!!

Ever gotten to drive the car of your dreams from one cool place to another?
Ever gotten to do it "convoy style" w/ police escorts and traffic stopped watching as you did it?

Well...  I was lucky enough to get to participate in  the Camaro Drive Away Event this week end!

Tons of Beautiful Convertible Chevy Camaros , in every color, met up at the Lone Star Flight Museum to begin our trek.
Then we headed off to the Kemah Boardwalk.
First we rode single file along the highway.
Then, as we approached our final destination (45 min later) we got to go three-wide as we drove over the ship waterway making a grand entrance as only these flashy cars can do!
It was amazing to watch everyone stop and make room for us to drive by.
I saw fathers with their sons standing on the side of the road in awe as these muscle cars drove by.
Each of them wishing it was them behind the wheel.
When we arrived at the boardwalk we were escorted to a special display parking lot, and treated like stars!
It was SO much fun!
Not only does Chevy make stylish cars!
But they know how to hold stylish events!
Go check out the new Chevy Camaro at your local Chevy Dealer!
You'll fall in love just like I did!
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Semen Rendi said...
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