Jan 11, 2012

An over-due re-cap

So yeah...
It's January 11th 2012 and I haven't blogged yet this whole year!

...I kinda suck like that.
But in my defense, I HAVE been busy!
Let me do a quick re-cap so we can all get on with our lives. ;)

2011 was a year full of changes!
These were my children at the beginning on 2011...


Worker #1 -
- Graduated High School,
- Started College to become an electrician.
- and moved out of the house! My "Baby"! He's all grown up and gone!  ugh!

Worker #2 -
Graduated High School
Moved out and turned into...
Double UGH!
He is now stationed in Afghanistan fighting for OUR freedom.
I am proud...  But I am also a worried freak on the verge of tears at any given moment!

Worker #3-

- Is a sophomore in High School,
- He was selected as one of the top students in his school and is now going to graduate NEXT YEAR!
This means he will be gone to college faster than planned!  I am, once again, proud of him.
But Come ON!!!  do they REALLY have to be on the FAST-TRACK to leave the house??
- He has blossomed so much this past year!  He even started playing Tennis for his school team! And if you knew this kid..  and his hatred for anything that may result in sweat, You'd be SUPER shocked as well!

Worker #4 -

- He is now officially in Jr High!
  How in the heck did THAT happen??
I swear it was just last week he was hiding behind my knee all shy and cuddly!
He is still a goofy-baseball-loving-smile-that-can-knock-you-off-your-feet kid...
But he is growing up... too fast!

The Little-Foreman-In-Pink -

- She is now a "Big Girl" and in the second grade. (Just ask her! She'll tell ya!)
- She is the perfect combination of Glitter & Guts!
She will play in the mud and beat up the boys...
all while wearing her rainbow and glittery ruffled Party Dress.

That's the Super-Quick-Recap about the kids...
Tomorrow?... Hang on to your hats...
I'll try to explain what I've been up to!
Man oh Man what a difference a year makes!

Thanks for hangin with me even when I prove that I am one of the Suckiest Bloggers Ever!
Love ya!

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12 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled that your boys will be out of your effin EVIL house!! I wish Dept of Social Services had taken your kids away from you 2 yrs ago! I can't imagine how happy the boys must be to be out of the house! The 2 oldest I mean! Your husband should get the WORST FATHER of the year award! All I can say, is GOD HELP YOUR CHILDREN b/c you 2 are horrible parents!!!

Dana Clover said...

lol ok?....
someone has an ax to grind I guess.
did something happen 2 years ago that I am unaware of?
If we (and our home) are so "effin" evil.. Why, exactly are you reading my blog?
And, as far as being horrible parents...
I think our kids , and the close relationships I have with each of them speaks volumes.
Have a great day!
Troll On!

Helen Ramsey said...

Ooooo sounds like you made someone mad. Isn't it fun when you have no idea! Like your blog. Helen

worker #1 said...

what exactly makes my parents terrible. i dont see how you have come to this reasoning.
so feel free to explain why you have come to the conclusion.

dee green5acres said...

Just look at your kids and what they are doing with their lives,you should be very proud of them and in my opinion, you deserve the mother of the year award..

Montana Jewel Therapy said...

They grow up way too fast and move out way too soon....however, chances are that at least some will come home again (mine did).....and you will like them a lot better than when they were teenagers when they do. :-)

Cyndi said...

Yup, you can always tell when Wife Swap reruns!! ( I caught the rerun last night).

Troll doesn't realize that children CRAVE boundaries and rules. Without them, the children are lost and left to fend off this world on their own.

So Dana, just who IS Vickie? (The 're-enforcer' on the show of all things edible?) someone I might know??

Rachel Bean said...

Dana, since I know y'all personally im going to speak up because I think you and Charlie are wonderful parents!! That witch that posted that comment obviously doesn't know y'all and is too chicken to post their name. I'm so proud of your kids, give everyone hugs for me.

Fran Wolfe-Johnson said...

I think you've done a beautiful job of putting productive, healthy, well adjusted young adults out into the world. I've enjoyed what you've shared of your family and it's obvious that you love them all dearly.

I am also extremely grateful for your son volunteering to defend our freedom. My Pa was career army so I appreciate and understand all the responsibility and danger which goes with that. Thank YOU for giving up your son so I can rest easier knowing we're protected.

Dana Clover said...


Vicky is my real-live next-door neighbor! :)
I'm lucky to have her so close.

Melissa said...

Your kids are growing up so fast!
You should be proud of what wonderful men you are sending into the world!
You and Charles are wonderful parents!
I wish there were more out there like you!

To "Anon"... You really need to get a life if you think that "reality" TV is even close to "reality"
If you have nothing nice to say....
well.. You SHOULD know the rest!

The Captain's Daughter said...

All of children are beautiful. Thank you for your son's service. Please tell him how deeply he is loved and appreciated for all he does to keep us free. My boy is in Afghanistan too. I feel your angst and your pain, and of course, your pride too. I thought I wouldn't survive his first deployment, Then a woman at work told me, If you worry, pray - If you pray, don't worry. I think about and use those words every day. We are now on deployment #2 in two and a half years... I'm still standing. I credit the prayer. Stay strong, Army mom. Yes you can! Much love, Janet

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