Mar 27, 2012

What Have "They" Done? (An open letter to "Mr. Jack-In-The-Box"

NEW UPDATE/RESOLUTION added at the bottom of this post!

WARNING- If you are opposed to angry and/or ranting posts, you might wanna read about one of my great recipes instead of this post. 

This is an open letter to Jack.

Dear Jack,

Today has been a difficult day for me.
Today I dropped my son off at the airport.
After being home for two weeks of R&R, he had to go back to Afghanistan, where he is a soldier in the United States ARMY. He will be stationed in Afghanistan for at least 9 more months before he gets to come back home.

I am not writing to tell you about our tearful goodbyes at the airport or about the countless hours of sleep I have lost worrying about my son while he is in a place where is gets shot at and can be hurt at any moment.
This letter isn't even being sent because I thought you would be glad to know that my son wanted his last meal in the United States to consist of one of your breakfast sandwiches and some of your Tacos.
I am sending you this letter to make you aware of one simple sentence that one of YOUR representatives said today that, not only enraged me, but also insulted my son, my family, and quite frankly, would insult every AMERICAN I know.

While on our way to the airport, we stopped at your Jack in the Box store #3692  Located on FM 1960 in Humble, Texas. We placed our order in the drive thru and pulled forward.

My son (who was dressed in his full ARMY camo uniform, and was VERY clearly visible while riding in my Jeep with the top off) asked the drive thru employee if this particular Jack in the Box offered the 10% military discount that he had been enjoying at some participating other locations during his time home.

(edited at 8:26pm 4/27/12 I did decide to alter this pic of the employee, 
but have her name and a full copy of the pic on file if requested by management)

Below, find a word-for-word script of the brief conversation I had with your representative (pictured above,  we'll call her "C")

Soldier- "Does this Jack in the Box offer a Military Discount?
"C"- "Military Discount? No,.. we offer a police officer discount sure, but have never offered a military discount... "Why would we?  What Have They Done?"
Me- Excuse Me?!?
"C" - "Yeah, I don't even give the police their discount because of what they did to that boy who was wearing a hoodie and carrying Skittles!" "But, we've never had a discount for the military.
Me- "A simple no would have been enough!"

We got our food and left.
As I drove away, I began to fume.
NOT because this location didn't offer a Military discount, but of that one careless and rude sentence..
"What Have They Done?"...
What have they done??!!?? Really?
What "They" have done is defend our country.
What  "They" have done is fight so YOU can have the right to say such insulting things without worry of punishment.
What "They" have done is put their lives on the line so we don't have to worry.
What "They" do every day is for Every American... Even the ones (Like "C") who don't support or respect them!

I know that the opinions and statements of your employees may not represent the feelings of Jack in the box, the company, but your employees are representatives of YOU!
When one of your representatives speaks to YOUR customers, they are speaking for YOU!
And today, Jack... I was extremely disappointed and hurt.
Today MY son left to fight for our country, and one of the last Americans he spoke to while home was someone who insulted him, his buddies, AND his country.
For that, I say Shame On You Jack!

Today, he left to fight for "Us", that's why I am fighting for "HIM" by bringing this incident into the light. 

The food was very good by the way.
It's a shame that neither myself,my family or anyone who I can share this disturbing incident with will visit your establishments in the future to enjoy it.

Yes, I did try to contact your Guest Relations by calling 1-800-955-5225, I sat on hold for 32 minutes, and e-mailed them,  before I gave up and wrote here instead.

You can feel free to contact me anytime at-  Dana @

Dana Clover
Proud ARMY Mom and AMERICAN!

UPDATE 3/28/2012 12:21pm-

I got a call from the area manager that serves this location.
He was very nice, he apologized profusely, He informed me that he does not agree with the employee's views and Jack and the Box does not either.
He said that this employee should have known better than to say what she did and she has always been a great employee that has received many compliments in the past.
He assured me he would talk to her.

He informed me that the reason I could not get through to the store manager any of the 17 times I called was because the phones must be broken, because when he called there today, they didn't answer either.
He is going to have someone check the phone lines.
He asked me to please come back to Jack in the box, and even gave me his personal cell phone number so I can contact him should this ever happen again.

I thanked him for reaching out to me, and told him I appreciated his sincere apology, BUT I was waiting for someone... anyone, from the corporate Jack and the Box offices to reply to one of my numerous messages, e-mails and/or phone calls. 
After-all...  THEY are the ones who might have the power to offer to make things "right".
What would make it "Right" you ask?
Well, I've given it a LOT of thought while waiting for the phone to ring (it hasn't).
  1. I would love to hear that they are going to include a little snippet in all new employee orientations simply stating. "If you have a problem with the political views, race, job, handicap, sex, religion, or other beliefs of one of our guests, KEEP THAT INFORMATION TO YOURSELF or you will be terminated."  It is simple... it's also called "Sensitivity Training", This should NOT be needed... It SHOULD be common sense... But, unfortunately, it is becoming more "UN-common" each day. 
  2. A written apology from this employee that I could send to my son would be nice.
  3. Want me to really sing about the AWESOMENESS of Jack in the box??  Load up a plane of your Yummy food and feed some troops! :)
No...  I do NOT expect these things to happen, although, I don't think they are outrageous dreams. 

BUT... As someone who has trained employees in customer service in the past, and who currently works in Public Relations,   an offer to make things right, or SOME form of contact after an upset customer has reached out to you would be a REALLY great place to start! 

UPDATE 3/28/2012 4:08pm-
Just finished an interview with FOX News.... eeek!

UPDATE 3/28/2012 7:10pm-
Just got a voice-mail from the corporate headquarters for Jack in the box, They are closed now, but she said she will be calling me back in the morning.

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Katie to the K said...

You go girl! That makes me sooo mad! I am praying for your brave and strong son. I am so proud for what he and his co-workers are doing for me and my family!


Kerri Gallion said...

Wow! All I can say is wow. I will never eat there.

Deb Seely said...

Wow, Dana... I am so thankful for your son's selfless commitment to serving his country, to keep me free. I am sorry that one woman's insensitive comments hurt you and your son. Good for you for standing up for him! I am proud of you.

michelle said...

What a horrible thing to say to you both. And Good for you! I hope Jack himself finds a great way to apologize to your soldier for that rude response.

~Nan said...

My oldest son was in the army for several years and I worried about him every day. How DARE that employee make a statement like that.

katlupe said...

How insulting! I am going to share this post everywhere I can. I will never eat at a Jack In The Box again either.

T. DelFuego said...

Sounds pretty vile. But you also realize that most Jacks in the Box are run by franchisees, right? Separate business owners? And you realize that most people who work in fast food are there because they're the lowest-paying jobs around, right?

Not discounting how stupid her comment was. Just saying you might not be shocked considering the average fast food worker. And not blame it on the advertising character. :)

az mom of many hats said...

This made me cry. I am so sorry that your son and you, as a mother had to experience that. I just said a prayer of safety for him, and a prayer of peace for you while he is off serving our country. Thank you to him, and thank you to you for supporting him in his serving of our country.

Anonymous said...

You go girl!! I am so mad I am spitting nails.
That Jack will never see my money again.

tina m said...

Way to go Dana I have 2 sons that are active duty ARMY right now so i know your feelings an how hurtful this is an was to you an your sons. I will pray for a safe return of your son always. My name is Tina Just another ARMY PROUD MOM

Reg P said...
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Anonymous said...

I also hope if you took a pic of that woman in the drive through and posted it without her permission she sues you. I will be sure to forward it to that particular Jack in the Box and let them know you violated her rights. You can be sued for slander. I'll be back to post after I contact the franchise tomorrow. LIAR

Dana Clover said...

don't worry Anonymous, it has already been sent to them. and No, it is NOT slander...
It was a play by play. :)
and, if you were not there.... how would you know if I was lying.
The three other people that were in my vehicle would be more than happy to let you know what they heard.
I have forwarded all of my contact information to Jack and the box online, by phone, and in a message.
They can feel free to contact me.
And.. just so you know... I didn't post anyone's name, You are allowed to post any pics you want as long as you took them and they are not pornographic in nature.
In the future, your message might be taken seriously if you posted as someone other than anonymous.

Dana Clover said...

Reg P,

Thanks for your comment, and I almost never delete comments, negative or positive. But I am NOT going to let this turn into a race debate.
That is NOT what this post is about.
Please lets not go there. :)

Anonymous said...

will never eat there again have family in the service thats just wrong thanks for posting it

Farmgirl Sister said...
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Firegirl84 said...

i honestly would have probably asked to talk to the manager right then and there, but Chris had to be there at a certain time, regardless i hope that the do something about this employee... enough said there... does our local jack in the box do the discount Dana?

your fellow neighbor down 639

Dana Clover said...

I'm not sure. I didn't know anything about it till Chris asked today with me. And not offering the discount really didn't bother me in the least. The unwarranted comments, however, sure did!

Heidi said...

Dear Dana,
What an awful experience. I thank God for your son and the rest of our nation's honorable and brave young men and women who live to honor themselves, their families, and this great nation- the birthplace of freedom and human ingenuity.

There's no cure for idiots, but consider us all lucky that the young lady in the window is wielding a breakfast sandwich at the drive thru, not a firearm in Afghanistan. She can do alot less damage here... I am praying for your son's safe return

Katherine said...

Wow. What ignorance, not only about our military, but also about the police "doing" anything to "that boy". :(

Bethany said...

I'm horrified at this! Thanks for posting a rant that hopefully will get some views and get this girl fired AND some education!

Shawn B said...

As the wife of a retired Navy veteran - Shame on you Jack! I do not see why any military family should visit your establishments again.

Debi R said...

Say what? Sux big time! That Jack In The Box employee needs to learn a "civics" lesson, and needs to be given some big-time retraining in customer relations! I'm thinking that if you gather up all the past and present military people you know, and drive through that establishment, over and over, and make sure that that same employee is working, she/he and all of the other employees could get an earful of "What have they done!" I have over 2,000 friends and family on my Facebook page where I've shared this. I hope it goes viral!

Anonymous said...

Dana, I'm so sorry this happened to you and your son at such a critical time. It is terrible to be put through that kind of pain when your mama's heart is already being torn from your chest. As I stated to you in an earlier post-- our sons carry the Honor Code in their hearts. So do the mamas. As for what 'have they done?' My husband gave his life while on duty in his patrol car. He wasn't wearing a 'hoodie' but a Police Chief's uniform. You've handled yourself with dignity- if it had been me....they would have had to pull me offa her! Too bad the media doesn't pick this up- channel 13 would be a great place to start! Or any of our Houston news channels. Let your pain and anger motivate you to make sure this doesn't happen to others Standing up for what's right has never been wrong ! Behind you girl.
Airborne mom 'All the way'

tina said...


I am so sorry that your son had to heard this as one of his last conversation's before leaving. I know it is hard enough on our men and women when they leave. This is no help to him or to you. That was very uncalled for and should never have happened. I apologize for the stupidity of her because she doesn't have a clue at all. I want to thank you for sharing your story. I will pray for your son while he is away. Just know that there are ton's of men and women and children that are proud of your son. Remember them and not the stupidy of one. God be with you and your son.

The Captain's Daughter said...

I am shaking!

Thank you for not only standing up for your son, but MY son too!

Angry beyond words. That b*tch gets to stand in her drive-thru window and sleep safe in her bed at night BECAUSE of our sons!

taramthibodaux said...

You handled this situation way better than I would have! To be honest with you, I probably would have thrown the food and drinks back in the window (if they had given it to me by this point) and I would have said a few choice words, and then drove off. So what if fast food workers are on the low end of the pay scale. They made a choice to work there! That is NO excuse. I pray for the safe return of your son, as well as the rest of all military persons. I hate that he truly was not able to enjoy is last US meal before returning to hell. No matter how good it was, there is absolutely no way he, or any of yall, could have enjoyed it. I am fuming right now. Ugh.
As for this turning into a race issue...some people should really be punched in the face.

Sabrina said...

I am so sorry that you and your son had that experience at a Jack in the Box. I am not sure if anyone from that store has contacted you, but I am a Team Leader at a Jack in the Box in Arizona and when I read this, I was deeply shameful that someone could even make the comment that she did. Please do not hate all employees of fast food because of one bad experience. If I was her supervisor (who you can see in the pic behind her), I would have had intervened and apologized to you and your son before you even left. Then, I would have sat her down and talked to her about how to properly handle questions. If she still showed no signs of remorse for what she said, I would have sent her home with a two day suspension at least. Again, I am deeply sorry that you and especially your son, had that experience. I pray for your son's safe return home. God bless you and all families that have son's and daughter's fighting so we can all sleep in peace. Sabrina

mary margaret denson said...

i don't know what i'm most sorry about....sorry that you and your son had to endure the ignorance of that woman. Sorry, that the woman carries the group mentality of so many people out there, sorry because of the lack of customer service, or sorry because so many people will never change and will simply take things for granted. Maybe SHE should go to Afghanistan...then she can see "what they've done."

Lacey_Renea said...

You definitely handled this situation with grace. I think that I probably would have reacted like taramthibodaux up there ^ !

God Bless you and your son for the sacrifices that you have all had to make as well as other service men and women who put themselves on the line to protect us. Even those who don't think those same service men and women have done "anything."

It makes me sad that your son had to leave home with the words of that woman in his head.

I will be sharing this post with as many as I can to get your story out!

Susan1961 said...

Had I witnessed this atrocity I would have bought his entire meal and all our yours MYSELF, to hell with a 10% discount...he should have had a FREE meal! I am saying that because he CHOSE Jack-in-the-Box for his last meal before deploying AGAIN! The least they could do was offer to pay for his meal. If it were not for our military men & women, Jack's ignorant employee wouldn't be free to make such asinine comments! She wouldn't have the FREEDOM to speak such asinine comments! In my opinion, this woman should be fired or at the very least make a formal apology, in writing, to your son and your family, make a PUBLIC apology to ALL military personnel for her brazenly STUPID comment AND, if there was a way, she should have to go through at least one day of what YOUR son goes through! The real question is: What has SHE done? She's taken for granted the sacrifices that these men and women AND their families must make on a daily basis.

Jack-in-the-box needs to implement a discount for any military member that shows their ID card! If they don't, they're about to lose a ton of business because of one woman's ignorance! I will never eat at Jack-in-the-Box again unless they make this right!

God Bless your son and your family. I am so glad you shared your story! I can only imagine how many more stories are out there that have NOT been told! Please tell your son that I said "Thank You" for his service for MY freedoms. That is from the bottom of my heart & the deepest part of my soul!

Anonymous said...

Would you be suprise to know that the person you are speaking of brother is in the Navy and did a tour 6 monthes ago in Kuwait and also her father was in the military. It saddness me that someone would post a picture of an individual and make negative comments that can tarnish someones lively hood and future instead of handling the situation in person. The fact that your ones son is fitting for our Freedom and Country one should praying that he come home safely and pray for those how don't understand your struggle. blogging is truly a hot mess.

Andrea said...

That is absolutely awful and I could say more but I may go a little over the deep end because ignorance is spreading like wild fire. If in fact Anonymous above me who states she has family in the military then she should not say such things. People need to think before they speak.
God Bless your son!

Anonymous said...

What makes you think she said it Andrea..

Dana Clover said...


Actually, yes, It DOES surprise me to learn the fact that she has relatives who have served our country, it actually saddens me more than surprises...
I would think she would understand "What "THEY" have done" from personal experience.

First of all, I would like to thank the brother and father for their service protecting MY freedom.

Second of all. I have NOT been nasty, not called names, OR made any personal attacks.
It is my right to write about my experiences just like it is her right to have the feelings that she does.

The difference is...
I posted about MY experience on my Personal blog. I did NOT publish her name, and I altered the pic.
She, on the other-hand offered her (rudely presented) personal opinions about the military servicemen & women without being asked for it while representing Jack in the box.

I did not, nor do I plan on attacking her personally, she has a right to her views and opinions THANKS TO OUR SERVICEMEN & WOMEN!

I reached out to the store manger by calling 17 times yesterday and never got to speak to him/her.
I was already running late to get my soldier to the airport... Getting him to that plane was MUCH more important at the moment than trying to educate someone about what He does for them!

Have a great day.

Scout's Honor said...

Oh heck no! I just wrote about the American apathy on my blog yesterday. I have now made sure to update it to include your experience and linked you:

United States of Motherhood

We need to put some pressure on Jack in the Box to do all of the above you suggested....and fire her arse.

I also tweeted here:To @JackBox

And added a Facebook link here: Facebook Heather Murphy-Raines

Stumbled you too! StumbleUpon

You need to get their attention and I am more than happy to help. I suggest you tell all your readers to do the same. This is unacceptable.

By the way, thank your son for his service and many thanks for your sacrifice as a military mom.

~Scout/Heather Murphy-Raines

Dana Clover said...


if the truthfulness of ANYTHING I published in this post is in question, I have 3 witnesses who were in the car with me that would be MORE than happy to tell you what they heard/saw.

Well.. one is now in Afghanistan now... You might have to wait to talk to him.


Anonymous said...

You blogging about your horrible experience at Jack in the Box is fine and great but when you start posting pictures of people that you feel offended you is wrong. You are going against everything your son is fighting for like all of the US Constitutional Rights and Amendments. I am quite sure that I can go to Jack in the Box and pick out the individual you are speaking of. When people begin talking about politics and reglion it fulls hatred now you just might have put this individuals life in danger so truly is that what your son is fighting for? People need to honestly think before they do things and what if it was your child on the other end. You should have corrected her because obviously you and everyone else feel that she and ignorant and you educate those that are ignorant not full ignorants.

Cyndi said...

Yes, I WOULD be very surprised if the person in the picture had a brother in the Navy based on the comment she made, "Why would we? What Have They Done?". I would think she must not be very proud of her brother

It saddens me that a person can tarnish their OWN livelihood and future by opening their mouth and uttering these offensive words with a fully uniformed member of the Armed Forces present.

Believe me, all of us Moms of Armed Forces personnel are praying for the safety of our loved ones protecting the freedom of this woman to open her mouth to slander them.

Melissa Rheinlander said...

How about offer the Military a discount!!!
I hope your son stays safe and we appreciate your families sacrifice!! Our Military men and women definitely do not get enough credit or services provided to them!!!!!
Thanks you again for your families service!!

The Jammie Girl said...

This post makes me want to cry and scream and gnash my teeth and pull my hair. It makes me want to drop "C" off in a country without the rights and privileges our servicemen and women have fought so hard to preserve for us. Sunday morning I was shopping in Kroger and on my way out a man and a woman were there with a jar, taking donations for VFW. I pulled out all the money I had in my purse and stuffed it in their jar, keeping my head down so they couldn't see the tears in my eyes as I mumbled, "Thank you. Thank you so much!" There is no way any of us can ever repay what our military has done for us, and anyone who doesn't realize that is a fool and should not have a job where they come into contact with the public. As far as Jack in the Box goes, we don't have them here, but if we ever get one I certainly won't be one of their customers!

Anonymous said...

So because Dana said this was her bad experience, everyone should believe her and "C" has already been accused and condemned without even knowing if this is true. Think before you post if you weren't there then you don't know for sure.

Scout's Honor said...


So you are discounting her two witnesses in the car and the store manager who by apologizing clearly admits guilt?


Crocketts Country Store said...

You tellem girly!!!!

Tamara said...

Wow! How uncalled for. What an uneducated response from the employee. I'm so glad you are standing up for your son and our military. I shared this on Facebook for you and tagged Jack in the Box. I sincerely hope you get a response from corporate!

Cyndi said...

I believe Dana because for the many years that I've known her, she has always been honest and forth coming. There is no reason, in my mind, for her to start fabricating stories.

Tell "C" to take responsibility for the words that came out of her mouth instead of trying to place the blame on the ones who were offended by her comments.

As a Mother of a Marine and a Soldier, as well as the mother-in-law of a Marine, and a daughter and sister of a Sailor. I take great offense to the words "C" spoke. She needs to admit her wrong and apologize for speaking those words.

Cyndi said...

This one thing you wrote,

"People need to honestly think before they do things"

is the only thing I agree with.

Perhaps you should tell "C" that she should have honestly thought before she opened her mouth.

Anonymous said...

Does it really mean that person is guilty were you there. The other people in the car should have been offended too I would. She had time to go back and take a picture but she couldn't go back after dropping her son off at the airport..

Anonymous said...

This is in regards to soldier being disrespected at your Humble Location In Texas: This makes me very upset, sick and sad. I actually frequent that Jack in the Box, I live and work within 3 miles of that location. I am telling you RIGHT now I will keep an eye out for there response because I will not be going back there until I ...see a response saying this employee was reprimanded or that they apologize. Please accept my apology for this person and know there are people out there that appreciate and pray for our soldiers every day!! Please tell your son thanks for his service!! LISTEN UP JACK OR YOU WILL BE LOOSING A CUSTOMER AND I WILL BE TELLING EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT THIS HORRIBLE INCIDENT!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I believe Dana is an opportunist, and this has become a bullying issue wheter are the lawyers..

Reba crozier said...

Dana, I am so sorry that you and especially your son had to experience this sad display of ungrateful behavior from someone who obviously does not even appreciate the sacrifices that her own family members have made for her and this country. I pray that your son will return safely and I hope that he understands that one person does not share the views of the many ... much love to the both of you and all of our military personnel!

Anonymous said...

It was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, oh so wrong of her to even open that can of worms. I am sorry for the disrespect you and your son received. Please let him know that there are people that are thankful for what he and his friends are doing, I am one of them.

On a side note, it is not her call to NOT offer company discounts to police officers. If she wants to make that kind of call, she should open her own burger place that I'm sure the local police will be happy to watch over and make sure that she and her establishment are safe......

FiestyGal said...

So sad that an American can speak so hatefully and throw in the Fla incident which was a story run-a-muck in the press before all the facts.We know Military personnel give up so much to protect us and they leave for months and years away from family.THEY DO give up lots and are never appreciated in the manner they should be.Big Corporate companies can give a discount and the employees can show respect.How hard would that be ,That is nothing compared to what they give up for us.
Living in Military San Diego I see the tearful good-byes when they leave for month/years and the joyful hellos when the troops come home.No excuse for ignorance and disrespect of another American in or out of uniform.

Dana Clover said...

You took the time to blow up the picture to call her by name in these comments?
I've fixed that now!

This post is NOT a rant about what this girl believes! This is a rant about her sharing it while providing a service. and the fact it was said directly to a uniformed soldier.

Now.. I would like to see what changes can be made at the corporate level to assure things like this don't happen again!

Lets not get off track please. :)

Skippin' Rope said...

This whole thing makes me furious!!!! Married to a former Navy Submariner, comments like these really light a fire under me. What have "they" done? UGHHH!!!!

I know when I tell my husband about this exactly what he will say. "Well, she is entitled to her opinion. Ya know how I know? Cause I fought for her freedom to say it. Not my fault she is wrong."

I'm sooo sooo sorry this was said to you and your son before he deployed. It breaks my heart, it really does.


Welcome ;) said...

In tears right now from how upset I am, ugh!!
Mi husb did 14yrs in, 6 deployments and several other "assignments", to hear this crap is ridiculous. Many times when my husband has asked about military discounts we have been given such horrible answers and.explanations as to why they shouldn't get them.
Thank you for speaking up for us!!!!

Welcome ;) said...

In tears right now from how upset I am, ugh!!
Mi husb did 14yrs in, 6 deployments and several other "assignments", to hear this crap is ridiculous. Many times when my husband has asked about military discounts we have been given such horrible answers and.explanations as to why they shouldn't get them.
Thank you for speaking up for us!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats Great You Have Your Sons Back and How Appalling of the Coworker at jackinthe box..Btw I worked in Alvin Texas The very First Job I ever had and I would of Never been so Rude..Personally I would Reprimand Her and if Not fire Her at Least suspend with No Pay for a week..Anyways God Bless Your Son and My Prayers with Him and All Our Troops and Their Familys <3

Linda Lang, Chairman, CEO and President of Jack in the Box Inc. said...

I want to personally apologize to Dana and her son for their experience at this restaurant. As Dana notes in her blog, shortly after she contacted us, the restaurant’s area manager called her as did other Jack in the Box representatives. I want to assure all who have weighed in on this that Jack in the Box loves our military. In fact, my husband is a Marine and Vietnam veteran. In addition to providing nearly $2 million to Big Brothers Big Sisters to support its military mentoring programs, Jack in the Box also supports other organizations that offer aid to our nation’s military families. Here’s a link to an overview of those programs as well as a link to a report prepared by the national office of Big Brothers Big Sisters summarizing the positive impact that our support is having on its military mentoring programs.

Linda Lang
Chairman, CEO and President of Jack in the Box Inc.

Scout's Honor said...


I am glad to hear that Jack in the Box has in the past and is currently supporting the military. That is quite appealing to me and my husband as veterans. That said, I would like to know what specific steps JITB plans to take to ensure employees are sensitivity-trained and what action will be taken against the employee in question?

Heather Murphy-Raines/Scout's Honor

Jennifer said...


Thank your son for serving our country. My husband deployed twice. My family greatly appreciates his service, and yours! I'm so terribly sorry one fool made an already emotional day even worse. Some just have no idea how bad words can sting. We will keep your son and family in our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

congrats on your 2 minutes of fame. You forgot to demand free breakfast for a year, I'm sure you could've pulled that in.

The Captain's Daughter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Captain's Daughter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Captain's Daughter said...

For starters, what THEY'VE done is fought to end slavery - Perhaps that little tidbit might ring a bell with this ding-a-ling! Our military has a long and proud tradition of defending not only our great nation but people all over the world. THAT'S what they've done! That is the benefit to all Americans, (even ignorant people like "C") and to the world of our having a willing, strong and just military.

Keep up the fight! This Army mom stands with you and if need be, will stand in front of you too!

Dana Clover said...

I guess I missed them part where I asked for ANYTHING more than training for new staff, and apology for my son, and maybe feed some troops .
As I said before... Posting as anonymous does NOT help you seem credible...
It makes ya seem kinda Internet-troll-like...
But thats YOUR right! Thanks to men and women like MY son.
Your welcome!

Dana Clover said...

The part*
Gotta proofread before I hit publish sometime! :$

TexAnnMom said...

My 12, 11 and 9 year old boys were as disgusted as I was to hear this selfish, hurtful, ignorant statement uttered by ANYONE. Please tell your son that maybe in the big picture, he and you were meant to hear such ugly words and complete lack of gratitude so that you could then be reassured when you hear how many of us are truly grateful for your son's heroic willingness to put himself in harm's way without ever asking for anything in return- -even from ignorant insensitive jerks like this JiB employee. For every ONE person like her, there are THOUSANDS and MILLIONS of us who send heartfelt gratitude for his brave actions and for your enduring the agony of worrying about your baby while he joins the men and women who would DIE for US to have freedom. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!! GOD BLESS our military angels! Praying for your son's safe return! The Sander family, Houston

TexAnnMom said...

Re@ "Anonymous"...You didn't really expect "C" to publish her name? :)
Hugs to you and your heroic son!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who called this blog racist or wrong makes me crazy~ If you or a family member is in the military THANK YOU! You are why this country is SO GREAT! I am so glad that JIB has attempted to make this right as they should! I am quite offended by her comment. I have worked in a customer service type position in the Willowbrook area and I would never have said anything political to a customer. Not only that but you want a customer to have the best experience possible...Especially someone who is leaving to serve! I would have paid for his food myself if I was the employee as a small token of what he does for me. You people that don't like the military, I hope you don't want your constitutional rights because that's what they defend! It's a sad sad day when people think that an awful comment like that is OK in ANY way.

Love It said...

I will say a few prayers tonight: for your son's safe journey & return, for those who make ignorant statements such as what has been said today at Jack in the box and comments on this blog. It is heartbreaking to read such hatred.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for standing up to corporate America. On behalf of myself and my family we thank your son and the many other military folks for defending our great country. By no means does this one person represent the feelings of so many Americans. God Bless the USA and your family.

Holly Robertson said...

You Go Girl! I have always refused to eat anywhere that doesn't support our troops, and as though I've never liked jack in the box, I WILL be passing this on to those I know who do. No one I know will eat there until you get All THREE of your wishes. Shame on them and Shame on Her!
I will keep you and your son in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

As a former team leader of JIB I'm saddened to say this kind of thing happens all the time and there is never any punishment to the employee. Since JIB went franchise their quality and friendliness has gone down hill. Current managers and area coaches standards are much lower then corporate standards. We now have to endure rude employees who truly do not care about the customer. JIBs current goal is to target young single people who are tech savy because they spend the most money eating out. Hence no more kids toys. People now days have less manners due to talkin over text and computer. So don't expect justice from JIB. Its how it is now. I love JIB but i long for the days "jack" was in charge.

TexAnnMom said...

P.S. Still stewing here Dana. I just gotta point out that "anonymous" (a.k.a. ignorant coward) apparently needs to take some reading comprehension courses. You NEVER asked to personally receive anything monetary or compensatory (anonymous-yes, that's a big word...try to stay with us...) and in fact I was very impressed that you specifically noted that it is not Jack in the Box that you take issue with. You stated it was the insensitivity of this one individual's remarks. As to whether or not you are telling the truth, well "C" has just as much right, opportunity and access to communicating her side of things. Funny...we don't see anything coming out of her mouth now! Seems to me she could be heartbroken and insisting on clearing up what she really said or meant if your interpretation was not accurate. Then anonymous alludes to "C" possibly now being in danger due to the outrage that may ensue from her alleged contact. I'm just curious...If (God forbid) some lunatic did decide to try to respond to her with violence, who would she call for help? Oh that's right...The POLICE!
Maybe JiB could pay for "C" to travel to a week's stay in a veteran's hospital. Maybe while she is in good health, sitting comfortably and eating snacks, she could listen to some of the mutilated, traumatized men and women about what exactly put them in the amount of agony they are suffering. Maybe she could help change the dressings on the horrific wounds of some of these battered heroes. Maybe she could look at the pictures of some of these heroes' children and describe what SHE sees in the picture for the soldier who can no longer SEE HIS OR HER OWN children! Maybe the next time she hands someone some change, she can take note of her 2 hands...knowing that so many men and women had theirs blown off (or are willing to take that risk) for everyone INCLUDING HER! Maybe she can one day find the strength to say, "I'm sorry. I get it now. Thank you" and maybe even bring some take out as a gesture of making a bad mistake right!
I am willing to bet that our military men and women would not want this woman treated with violence or any other horrible response. I am willing to bet that if asked if they want to continue fighting for her, they would still say yes. I am also willing to bet that they would take their last breath dying on far away soil knowing that despite the hurtful nature of what this woman said, they returned her ignorance and ungrateful attitude with honor and dignity instead of hate and violence. They might never get her to "see" "What they do"...but then...they have never asked for that, have they? They might die knowing that she will never grow past her ugly words and she may never appreciate them. But they would still die knowing that they served and sacrificed to allow people to have the freedom to say things...even stupid things. They fight so people can say things like what she had and have it NOT BE OK to respond by becoming violent with her! (Oh...and our back up for those who still lean towards violence is the underpaid police men and women who come running to face ANY person trying to harm another!)
Any person who tries to say you are looking for fame or payoff or even to mar someone's reputation has got to be speaking from subconscious understanding at the realization that they are not capable of being a hero. Maybe for each ugly comment you get, you can have a standard response of saying, "Thank you for your opinion. My son is willing to die to make sure you have the right to say things like that."
Hugs from Houston!

Dana Clover said...

Ms. Lang,

You do realize that you ARE talking to "Dana Clover" this time right?
Maybe you should have changed the wording to reflect that!
This form Letter being copied and pasted as a response to 3-4 posts on your Facebook Page and ALSO pasted word for word as a comment on my blog really does NOT make your "Apology" seem very sincere.
I am very thankful for the funds you have donated to the military...
But, you have a lot to learn about Public Relations!
(I know this because it is what I do for a living!!)

Thank you for the time it took you to copy and paste this lovely apology in 5 places within 8 minutes.

Anonymous said...

What TexAnnMom said, I couldn't say it any better. "Thank you for your opinion. My son is willing to die to make sure you have the right to say things like that." - LOVE it!
Thank you for the sacrifices each and every military family and member faces. And sorry, for not putting a profile together - my name is Kim :D

Christina Alonzo said...

I Would like to comment on the HUMBLE jack in the box . I personally am widowed my husband was in the military. I find it appalling to the comment of your employee.. But I also think that maybe your corporation had or has not Been specific to your discounts to extend for any government officials . The other comment of "what have they done" Just goes to show the ignorance of our civilians that don't appreciate the cost of our freedom! By all means your employee was or is working and more than likely has a family to support , I think an apology is in order directly from your employee... But what will firing do to your emlployee .So many people in America take freedom go granted . People remember9/11!! Now imagine that happening everyday , our military and government protect our country And our freedom !! That's what they have done for us : keeping our country safe from terrorist , please be grateful of the small thing that you take for granted it is the right to live free

Anonymous said...

Are you really upset because there is no discount? It was wrong of her comment, but to take it to this level seems kind of overdoing it. She is probably a young 18/19 year KID, that truely has no clue and hears things from the tv or facebook.

If you think military should, then why not teachers, firefighters or similiar careers. Just my 2 cents.

Real Talk said...

Jack in the Box is a business not a discount chain. Have JB just give everyone free food because of the 5% poverty families or the 12% unemployed families. Maybe the government can start giving out JB Giftcards to WIC moms that try and sale their purchase card for cash.

Christina Alonzo said...

I Would like to comment on the HUMBLE jack in the box . I personally am widowed my husband was in the military. I find it appalling to the comment of your employee.. But I also think that maybe your corporation had or has not Been specific to your discounts to extend for any government officials . The other comment of "what have they done" Just goes to show the ignorance of our civilians that don't appreciate the cost of our freedom! By all means your employee was or is working and more than likely has a family to support , I think an apology is in order directly from your employee... But what will firing do to your emlployee .So many people in America take freedom go granted . People remember9/11!! Now imagine that happening everyday , our military and government protect our country And our freedom !! That's what they have done for us : keeping our country safe from terrorist , please be grateful of the small thing that you take for granted it is the right to live free

tiger8221 said...

Dana - My fiance was in the Army and served in OIF, right when the war was at its most violent and dangerous state. This employee's statement, to put it bluntly, pisses me the F! off. "What have they done?" Really?!?! I see everyday the effects the military and the war has had on my fiance. He has nightmare almost every night because of everything he saw and had to do. He also has severe PTSD and gets nervous whenever fireworks start going off. It is quite alarming to me that some people think these men and women "have done nothing". They have put their lives on the line even more so than police officers (police do as well, but not like a military person). I don't care how old this employee is, she should have a clue what our military does especially she has/had family who served in the military.
I am also amazed at how many COWARD friends of C's do not have the guts to publish their name.
Proudly publishing my name,
Dawn Mazzarella

Christina Alonzo PROUD TO SAY I AM AN AMERICAN!! said...

Anonymous : it's not the $ .. It's the principal respecting our toops, they have put their lives on the line to protect your and my freedom . Regardless of the age , I personally do notappreciate the comment .. My husband is dead ! Where is the respect ! My husband swore his life to protect our country ... I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN !!

Christina PROUD AMERICAN said...


Christina Alonzo said...

Dawn I am sorry for what you and your fiancé Are going through... I have had a long line of family members that go back to world war 2 as well as law enforcement.I feel your pain . Sincerely Christina

Amy said...

Enough is enough. This mother has done nothing wrong. There are cameras at the drive threw and I'm sure they have audio. I'm a army wife and a army brat myself and I'm just shocked and disgusted that this soldier and his mother went through this right before he got on a plane to be deployed. I'm sorry but no soldier should ever be disrespected like that. I can't believe someone is voicing negative opinions the way they are... I really wish people would go back and fully read and understand everything she posted in her letter. Not once did she ask for free food and make a big stink out of not getting a discount.


I think "C" and "anonymous" (a.k.a. ignorant coward)are ONE and the same.In the real world "C" should have taken the time to shake his hand and thank him for his commitment, courage and bravery.Never disregard the troops or our FREEDOM ! GRANNIE/ANNIE

Wendy said...

I am upset about the comment NOT the food...

My husband served in the Navy, as did his father, grandfather and great-grandfather ( all during war time ). I was raised in the army....

Clearly she/he doesn't think to ask that question when laying down at night with family safe from outside foreign military just walking in.
In America we have men and women that CHOOSE (not made) to fight and die for freedoms a lot of people take for granted.
Thank your son for me and Thanks to every other person serving any job that helps protect our country inside and out.

katlupe said...

I believe what everyone is missing is that Dana was not asking for a free meal, or to give her son a discount because he was in the military. She was mad that when her son asked if there was a discount, the Jack In The Box representative made a snide remark about the military. She could have just told him, "No, we don't offer a discount for the military at this location." That would have been the proper response.

Anonymous said...

put on your big girl pantis and deal with it

Dana Clover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

Wow, I'm speechless. I really don't know what to say, other than I would have been upset too!

Sandra said...

I was deeply hurt when I read this, as I am a Veteran, so was my dad, and a uncle, and several cousins. Yet I do not believe the person should be fired over what they said. Reprimanded and educated yes, but not fired. I would also like to share this for those who might not have seen or heard of it.

A Veteran is: Some one who, at one point in their life,

wrote a blank check made payable to 'The United States of America'

for an amount of 'up to and including my life'

I would also like to share a verse in a poem that I wrote; The name of the poem is

Daddy Home today
the last verse is:

And now as she ariese every day:
She listens to the news as her
two toddlers say;
"Daddy home today, daddy home today?"
And this time she will only say;
"We must hope and pray, hope and pray;
That daddy will be home again some day."

Anonymous said...

Before you go posting information about this young lady next you should have recored her. How would we know she said any such thing ant for u to be an adult you are acting like a mad two year old that didn't get a discount you need to stop with all the posting and get back to realit, it is a lot going on in this world than slandering a girl we never heard say anything on this blog. How do we know u didn't misunderstood her. You are a BULLY and the just passed the law for bullying so I hope she sues the crap out of you.

mattelea havron said...

I would like to say thank you .... to you , for raising a fine honorable man ... to your son , for his sacrifice for us all ... you can tell annomous is a bored 15 year old with no sense .... only liars and cowards hide behind annomity. so ket's not respond to this spoiled and ignorant child. SHAME on Jack In The Box for not assuming responsibility for their employees ... But God bless you and your family dear girl.

Nancy Johnson said...

I totally agree with Mattelea. What a fine and wonderful son you have. You are so very lucky.
As for annomous, just remember that idiots don't speak for all of us.
I just love Jack in the Box, but seriously doubt that I will remain a loyal customer since my husband is retired Air Force. Too Bad...
God Bless you and your family, I will pray for your son's safe return.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

My heart hurts reading that this woman said this to your son shortly before his plane took off to return to war. Good grief! WTH is wrong with people?

Melissa said...

Sending you lots of love, hugs and admiration!

Lucy said...

It is sad that the employee said it and she should be reprimanded and trained better.

Anonymous said...

It's disappointing how easily sheep will follow the herd.... I am very disappointed that people are so willing to believe one word over another.

Dana Clover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dana Clover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dana Clover said...

Well Anon,
Feel free to Watch FOX 26 news again tonight where you can hear BOTH sides, they will be doing an update that will include the owner and area manager of the store as well as me.

Anonymous said...

We eat JIB regularly but WILL NOT until I see that they have made it right for your son. I am a Proud Army Mom too and my son is in Afghan right now too! They go through so much over there and sacrifice ALOT for the job they love!!! and its hard enough to leave to go back over there and then he is insulted by an AMERICAN on his way!!! Horrible!!!! I will be posting your letter to my facebook page and keep on going until the do something about this!!! Like I said we go to JIB 3 times a week due to baseball but we will be changing that now!!!!!! Hugs from one Army Mom to another!!!

Anonymous said...

and I didnt like posting anonymous but I couldnt sign in to my aol account : (

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe how closed minded some people can be. Some people should really think before they speak. Being prior military, I understand the sacrifice that is made each day. I'm proud to have served and proud of others who serve.

Anonymous said...

Reading this posted experience made me realize what complacent, self-centered people we have become. It has become OK for us to sit back in the comfort of our homes, travel worldwide, speak disrespectfully about and to others, and take for granted expectantly the responsibility and sacrifices of "FREEDOM". Since the civil war, that I can recall, have we never had war on American soil. The men and women of the armed services of the United States have protected the life, soil, human dignity and rights of men, women, and children of many of the worlds masses, regardless of their sex, race, color or beliefs. The armed forces of our country is made up of every sex, race, color and culture. These men/women, take an oath of service to defend and protect the United States and its people against foreign and domestic enemies.

We owe them respect and consideration for their sacrifices - They protect you, honor you and your freedoms with the commitment of their own lives (when called for) asking nothing in return and so have EARNED nothing less from the ones they protect.

Truly anyone willing to make the kind of sacrifice to maintain our many freedoms and to protect our lives is a HERO. We too many times take for granted their service. What and where would we be if that was not the case?

This issue is not over money and special consideration for a single person, but the simple act of considertion and respect for anyone and everyone we come in contact with each day. Crass, rude, inconsiderate peoples actions and words are indicative of self-centered and self-edifying attention seeking, immaturaty and thoughtlessness.

Dana has a right and an obligation to ask for and/or demand respect for her sons service. He didn't demand special consideration, he asked if JITB was offering the discount - a simple "our store does not participate in that program) would have sufficed. Dana did not ask for the girl to be fired - she asked for "sensitivity" training and an apology. Irregardless this stands for a great example of how we honor those who 365/24-7 honor us.

Come home safe and whole Chris - and those other men and women who serve with you we honor you and are greatful for you!!!

Good for you Dana!

Anonymous said...

I live close to Humble, and Please send my sincerest Thank you to your son, he is an AMERICAN HERO... God Bless...

Barbara | Creative Culinary said...

That young woman was wrong if she said what you are sharing and she should be ashamed of herself. I so want to believe that she is in the minority; most Americans are fiercely proud of the people who are serving this country and us individually. My father served in WWII and I've not had other family members be called into service since then but I admire the men and women who take on that role, VOLUNTARILY!!

What I get discouraged about though are some of the comments here. It always amazes me how people respond so viciously to someone else bad if they are somehow better. Did this woman make a grievous mistake? Absolutely. But calling for her to be fired also seems a harsh response to her obviously uneducated one.

I would be angry too don't get me wrong but it just saddens me to see how people are out for blood; and I exclude the author of this piece from that criticism; you have gone out of your WAY to state your case and not show vindictiveness and I applaud you for that.

As for the very mouthy Anonymous; it's pretty easy to be filled with rhetoric and spew hatred hiding behind that name. I love public discourse as much as the next guy but wonder why you and others feel a need to make it ugly. And you know you are else you would not be ashamed to include your name.

My best to you and to your son Dana!

Marc said...

My brother just recently (well almost 2 1/2yrs ago now) came back from afghanistan with multiple broken bones enough that he spent 5 1/2 months at Walter Reed Army medical center rehabing and having to relearn how to walk again. After coming home he started school and one day there was a football player from our school's team that got annoyed walking behind him because he was moving too slowly still walking on a cane. He made an ignorant comment about how people like him should "move out of the way for regular people. My Brother turned around and get this instead of railing at him apologized and moved aside to let him and his gf pass by! I couldnt believe it! I was furious and walked up to that kid and asked him if he knew anything about my brother, if he knew why he was walking with that cane if he had even thought to be at least kind enough to ask him to step aside to let them through. He said no and that he figured it was a car accident. I told him that maybe next time he should think before speaking because my brother got those injuries fighting thousands of miles from home for his right to be a jack***. the best part of this story his girlfriend was so ashamed of what he had done that she went right up to him and offered to help him with his pack and even asked if she could offer any tutoring help if he needed it.

I told you that story just to let you know that at least in that instance it shows that for every ignorant fool their is at least one decent person if not more that does know "WHAT THEY HAVE DONE". I'm very proud of my brother and if you ever ask him why he went he would simply tell you "because i cannot ask someone else to do something for me that i am capable and willing to do myself. and that he would be dead and cold in his grave before his country got turned into a third world country like afghanistan where people had to worry about waking up in the morning let alone being able to walk around safely."

I personally think that we as the family of veterans and service men/women actually take these sorts of insults harder than our friends/family that serve. I know my brother to his credit after everything he has been through is alot more forgiving about things like this than me or our mother who have had to watch or loved ones go through the pain of recouperation and see them barely holding on to life in a hospital bed. to see my brother the guy i look up to like that the guy that to me has always been and still is the strongest person i know both physically and mentally... That is What They have Done and what they do everyday of the year. Day in and day out without so much as letting us see them complain about being in pain or homesick. (sorry i get a lil long winded bout this particular subject)

Anonymous said...

Why did you post her picture, knowing some people would make threats or possible retaliatory action.

Anonymous said...

The comments were thoughtless, and she should have been upset. Sure this girl was callous in what she said (considering she was on the clock), but this is not anything that does not happen on a daily basis. Not everyone agrees with this war. Some feel it should have never happened in the first place, Bin Laden is dead why are we still there, it is a volunteer army, etc. Having these opinions and being able to express them are all these things help keep the US great...I think a telling fact about all this is this lady who was offended could not come up with the wear with all to provide her son a healthy home cooked meal before he flew off to war? Kind of lame you send him off with pink slime on a bun. But hey, this is just an opinion like everything else on here.

Anonymous said...

you have no life!

Anonymous said...

It is understandable that the mother was in an emotional state being that her son was going out of country. While I don't agree with the way the employee treated her it does seem like many military families always seem to feel entitled to discounts on everything from fast food to national parks. Why is this? Do they feel they are the only Americans who work hard and sacrifice for others? Do they think they are the only ones who are put in harms way?

I would encourage military people and their families to show some gratitude for any business who gives them a discount and remember that the majority of Americans always pay full price simply because they are not valued as much as those in uniform.

Anonymous said...

Fuck this bull shit!!! Jack is the shit

Anonymous said...

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Sarah said...

How dare you not educate the young lady about what she said wasn't fair. Instead of using your words you deiced to be just as naive as the underpaid fast food worker, and passive aggressively try to bring down anything thats associated with the company. So "you go girl," keep up your bitching and get that young girl fired, because her job isn't important either.

Sarah said...

Plus, how much do you pay for Jack in the box? Its cheap, fast food, and your expecting leaps and bounds from these employees. Yes, this particular employee in a moron, but expecting extensive training on fast food workers, a high turnover job, is just unrealistic. Your words are influencing all these people to not go to Jack in the box, when that accomplishes nothing with educating people on this matter.

Anonymous said...

Wow your ugly. Do you have beer flavored nipples cause that might explain some things. Good luck at fox maybe you can turn this story into a riviting breaking news story.

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