Oct 29, 2007

Pink "Baby Cakes"

Brooke Got up this morning, Put on her apron and said.... "Mommy, I'm gonna bake a cake for Daddy! "Oh Really? I said. What Color? "Pink!! A pink cake for daddy" hmmmm this sounded messy lol

So, we decided to make Daddy his pink cake.... Well, Not really.... She said "I want to make Baby Cakes!" baby Cakes? what are baby cakes?!?! It took about 15min for me to figure out what she meant....

We set out making Pink Cup Cakes for Daddy.

She is a very good stirrer.... Altho a little messy. And I don't know how much actually was going to make it into the oven.. she ate a LOT of it!

She decided her hand was getting tired so she enlisted her big brother Chris to help stir.

And stir....

In the end we had a GREAT day!! Daddy got his pink baby cakes, and I got to make some wonderful memories in the kitchen with my only daughter.

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