Oct 27, 2007

Texas Renaissance Festival 2007

This week-end we went to one of our favorite yearly outings.
We stepped back in time at

My sweet Brooke was all excited,
I had visions of her wanting to be a pretty little wood fairy,
or princess, or something like that....
But nooooo My girly girl was all excited to find a dragon! lol
she got one
(at least it was a rainbow dragon)

The Ren Fest is just one of the best places ever to people watch.
Where else in one day can you see armored men walking around?

Or, have a group of Beautiful Ladies in Waiting sing for you?

and of course the "Ladies in Waiting" have their very own
"Fellas in Waiting"

There are beautiful Greek gardens.

Brave knights jousting for their King.

And many many other weird and wonderful characters.

Some are very strange....

and some are even a little scary.

They have very detailed costumes.

Some aren't even in costume....
They look like this every day!

If you have a chance to attend a renaissance Festival near you GO!!
Its great! everyone dresses, speaks and acts as if they are in that time.
Its great fun for both old and young.
And at the very least you'll get an eye-full of very interesting people.

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