Oct 25, 2007

They are Out To Get Me!!!!!!!

I consider myself to be a pretty rational person, most of the time.
I am not the conspiracy theory kinda gal.
But I have come to the conclusion that They are out to get me!!!

I have sent the young men-folk out into the wilderness around our place armed with machetes & various knives of all sizes including an Ax to KILL them..... ALL of them!!!!!

The fearless warriors return and report that they "got em all" and "they are all dead Mom" they march around proudly proclaiming their love for their dear mother and swear they will do whatever it takes to protect her.

I know it sounds harsh, but you just have to understand the suffering and pain they put me through! I weep, I can hardly talk in their presence, I choke up, swell up with hives at the thought of them!!
It gets so bad that I have had several doctors prescribe me medication to help me deal with the mere presence of such evil things.

I see them where ever I go this time of year..... They are everywhere I look!!! I can't hide from them.... they seem to be following me!!

The only place I feel even remotely safe from their evil grip is my homestead..... The one my heroic boys swore they rid of the nasty evil ones.

The evil ones..... My nemesis..... My enemy!

So today.... I venture out of my safe home to snap some pretty pre-fall pictures and who do I see rearing its EVIL head near one of my plum trees??? Its THEM!!!!!

Don't let their beauty fool you.... They are ruthless!!!
They attack me relentlessly..
Year after Year.....
They all MUST DIE!!!


AKA The Evil Ones

makers of Allergies

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The Meredith Clan said...

LMBO...poor Dana

Ya know, "they" dye up wool so pretty. Have the boys save their heads in a box for me...I'll take 'em.

~jessimeredith on HT forum

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