Oct 26, 2007

Meet Cheating Wives? Oh Dear.....

ok.... I am having fun with these mindless entries in my blog...
I thought it would be fun to chronicle my little life on this earth...
I'm not sure why people are reading it.... But I am so glad you stopped by and visited my little spec on this huge world wide web.... World Wide.... That's HUGE and your here?? **blushing** gee thanks.. I do feel special.... But back to the point of this entry....

I let them put some of those annoying little ads on this page, I said to myself..
"Myself... You can get paid to type out this dribble!! You could become the next Famous and filthy rich person who got their gobs and gobs of money for doing NOTHING important at all, that requires no skill what so ever. And as long as I have my faithful Spell-Check button I might even come of as if I still had something that resembled a brain!" (Yes, when I talk to myself I use very bad run-on sentences)

I looked into the ads, and was indeed crushed when I found out that you need to get something like 10,ooo clicks on em before they send you a 12 cent check. Ok fine! I'm not gonna get rich quick from this little endeavor, but like I said.. I'm having fun with it.. so, maybe I could get something to help pay for the monthly web site accounts I have set up (www.HomesteadingHousewife.com & www.CloverCountryFarms.com) yeah, like 12 cents is gonna help!! oh well...

I found out that they choose the ads that will go on my site by keywords in the content that's on them. Ok fine... my content will lend itself to ads like, 'How to make better bread' 'Are you a good mom?' 'Gardening for dummies" those kind of things... And it did help that I could choose a background color that matches my color scheme so very nicely.

This morning I log in.. full of excitement looking to see if I have any comments...
I sit with anticipation as the page loads.....
No... no comments.... That's OK tho.. I know that doesn't mean I'm unloved. I'll get over it, I'm sure.

I read the ad on the top of the page.....
it says.. "Click Here to Meet Cheating Wives in Your Area!! Lots To Choose From!!"

maybe its because I have the word Housewife in my title....
Maybe they think I'm one of those 'desperate' ones..... I am indeed desperate but NOT in the way they think!!

I am desperately trying to figure out how to get Mt Laundry done AND folded in the same day.

I am desperately trying to figure out Why the new puppy prefers the kitchen floor to the yard to do his 'business'

I am desperately trying to figure out Why the pilot light on the heater keeps going out!!

I am desperately trying to figure out why my jeans are too tight when I am being soooo good on my diet (most of the time)

I am desperately trying to figure out why it is sooo very hard for the young men-folk of the house to put a new roll of toilet paper on the thingie when they use the last little bit off the roll.

I am desperately trying to figure out why my 600lb cows run hysterically & freak out when the neighbors wiener dogs come to chase them. (all they gotta do is step on em and it'll stop! they are wiener dogs for cryin out loud!!)

I am desperately trying to decide what to make for dinner.

I am desperately trying to figure out how everyone knows to call on the phone the second I sit down in the bathroom.

I am desperately trying to figure out why weeds will grow in my garden when my veggies all die!

I am desperately trying to figure out why any housewife would advertise on the Internet to cheat!?!?!?

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