Nov 19, 2007

Let the craziness Begin!

It is the Monday Before Thanksgiving.....
The entire family (ex and his family too) will be at my house for Thanksgiving dinner. (thats over 25 hungry people!)

The Turkeys are ready to be cooked (one roasted and one HUGE boy smoked).

Hubby will be out of town until Tuesday night. (not that he'll be much help because he can hardly walk due to hurting his knee).

Workers #1-#4 don't get off from school until Thanksgiving Day. (so no help from them)
The Little-Foreman-in-pink is still a little small to be of much help (the turkey weighs MORE than her!).

The weather man says it is supposed to be cold and raining on Turkey Day. This means we have to be IN-SIDE. (we always have all family functions here because we have the perfect outdoor set-up for it. A huge yard, and a covered 3-car carport)

My House is very VERY small.

There is LOTS of work to be done. (because we all know I am the Queen of Procrastination Land).

Every horizontal surface needs cleaned off to serve as a buffet, or eating area.

The patina-protecting layer of dust must be removed from all antiques and ceiling fans, and everything else that looks furry now.

Furniture needs moved out of the living-room to make space for tables and chairs.

My desk needs cleaned off so people will not discover what a pig I am.

Serving platters & chaffing dishes need dug out for the big meal.

The curtains need washed so people can see the sun (if there is any).

The hardwood floor needs oiled.

The lawn needs mowed.

Bathrooms need deep-cleaned. (I do have 4 boys!! nuff said!)

So, what did I decide to do yesterday?
Worker #2 and I took all 22 doors off of the kitchen cabinets.
removed the hardware.
Sanded em.
Primed em.
Painted the cabinets (It's taking 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint!)
And still have to do all the drawers and doors, then put em all back up! (I amaze myself in my brilliance!)

It is very very humid outside.. so nothing is all the way dry yet...

I have two more days to finish everything, and prep for the big meal.
By myself.

Smart Dana....
Really smart!!

anybody wanna come help?
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debidoodle said...

Hi! You sound like me! I pulled this stunt last year, Good Luck!!

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