Nov 20, 2007

My name is Dana.... I'm a Blog-a-Holic

Some brilliant person digging somewhere didn't call ahead and find out where the phone lines were underground. Soooo I am without DSL (well, without Internet connection of any kind most of the time, I can get a dial-up connection off and on right now).

Well.. instead of being a nice person and feeling sorry for the poor guy who got into trouble for digging, or feeling sorry for all the work the phone company workers are having to do to fix this problem..

I am stomping my feet, whining, and even crying because I cannot get online and stay there for more than two min!!! (I thought I was a nice person.. but I'm thinking nope.. I was wrong about myself.. I am NOT THAT nice!)

This may just be the only way for me to finish my painting tho....
I may even be able to get ready for the big Thanksgiving dinner for 25+ people if I can't get online.

But rest assured....
I am NOT happy about it!!

I'll be back..... I hope...
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Anonymous said...

What will I do with out my daily Homesteading Housewife fix?

Hope you get things back online soon Dana!
It's just not the same without you here!

Dana said...

Thanks!! I feel loved! all is well now.

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