Nov 20, 2007

Snow?? I don't need no stinkin snow!! **sniff**

This morning was foggy and dewy. So what else did I have to do except go out and take some fall pictures? (hmm painting your cabinets?? cleaning for 25 people to come to Thanksgiving dinner?? tackling Mt Laundry? Dusting everything that needs dusting? no of course not!)

Several of my friends say they have snow in their part of the country... well you can have your beautiful fluffy white stuff that I don't miss at all. (sniff.... I don't miss it... really I don't, Of course it feels like the holidays with out it... *sob* *sob* )

But I do have pretty flowers!!!
Do they?? I think not.
Ok.. this isn't really a flower... but it looked cool.

My Orchid tree is covered with flowers. you should smell em!!
(who needs the fresh clean smell of snow? not me **sniff**)

Ok.. again, not a flower.. but still kinda cool looking.

I get very little pretty fall color...
But if you look hard enough there IS some to be found.

Enjoy your snow people!!
I'm gonna go smell a flower!
(I'm still not missing snow.... nope.. not me...)

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2 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

I came over here from Pioneer Woman! Beautiful blog... well -- actually I went somewhere else first, then clicked here... truth be told.

Beautiful photos!! YEP -- we've got snow... here in the mid-west. My 5 kiddos are LOVING it!! Fun to have a winter storm around Thanksgiving. I told my kiddos the first snow would probably be after Chrismtas. Fun to be wrong sometimes.

Well -- thanks for the show... I may be back soon...

Dana said...

Welcome! Glad you stopped by! PW is one of my favs too!

thanks for the comment...
Comments make my heart sing!

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