Nov 21, 2007

Wish I could build like this.

I was walking in the pasture yesterday and stumbled upon this very cool looking spider web.
Inside there is a big sac of eggs surrounded by a very intricate web of protection.
The more I looked at it, the more I thought.. How cool is that? This Mama spider had one goal in life. Lay her eggs and protect them. She did a pretty good job (cept for the fact it's in the middle of a field and not very protected from the weather & birds.)

I have always liked to look at spider webs. I mean... it's really cool how much work these little arachnids put into them. They are often very fancy.... And the have a job to do. they provide food, protection, and shelter for the spider. Come to think about it.. that's what we all are trying to do isn't it?
some are very inviting..
"Come into my home"

Some are underground

some like to show off.
"Look how BIG & Fancy MY house is"

Some like to live on the water.
"wanna swim?"

Some are simple and functional.

never really thought about how we are are the same.
(deep man.... deep)

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