Nov 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Morning.

The big day is here.
The boys are all sleeping, tucked snug in their warm beds.
The Man-Of-My-Dreams, after a knee-throbbing-no-sleep-night, has drifted off into a pain-medication-induced slumber.
My spoiled-rotten-little-sister is dreaming on the couch.
And my ever-faithful Otis the Killer Boston Terrier puppy is snoring in his fluffy bed under my desk. (he snores amazingly loud for such a little puppy!)

I put the Monster-Sized turkey in the smoker late last night.
(he weighs over 37lbs dressed!!)

(Look for Smoking a Turkey 101 to be posted later today, if the Tryptophan-my-tummy-is-too-full urge to nap doesn't hit me!)

Now the cooking marathon kicks into full swing. That's one good thing about having over 25 people come over for the Big meal. I get to work on my delegation skills (I am usually too much of a control freak "Just let me do it" type of gal, so this is a BIG step for me. You should be proud)

My mother is bringing another one of the turkeys we grew (that one dressed out at 33lbs!) full of good old Yankee style sage & gooey white bread stuffing. Along with her wonderful pumpkin pies.

My Grandmother is bringing the much needed pickle & olive assortment, Cole slaw, and cranberry sauce.

Man-Of-My-Dreams mother is bringing the good old southern-style cornbread dressing, giblet gravy, fruit salad, and the boys favorite thing of all... her deviled egg platters.

My Spoiled-Rotten-Little-Sister is making her yummy scalloped corn. (look for Bethany's scalloped corn in the recipe box posted later today)

My Ex-Mother-In-Law is bringing the much needed sweet potatoes.

The Ex-husband is bringing drinks and rolls.

and I am smoking the King of all turkey Land. cooking & mashing 20lbs of potatoes. and making a gigantic thing of green bean casserole.

The Man-Of-My-dreams has decided that, since he is a superintendent at work, he is the perfect choice to make sure workers #1-#4 get their tasks completed. (they are thrilled)

Workers #1-#4 are to wipe down all the outside tables and chairs so they can become inside chairs today. Sweep the porch and miscellaneous other things we find that need done.

The Little-Foreman-in-Pink's job is to look pretty. (she does it well)

It's time to get cooking, cleaning, and preparing for the BIG meal...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!!!

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